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Order Chicken Biryani in Bangalore ( Home Delivery)

Just contact us now to get freshly prepared yet high quality chicken biryani, Kabab etc delivered at your home and that too at a low price if you live within Bangalore.

Haadi Enterprises pridly takes and serves chicken biryani and kabab orders online in Bangalore. While our focus is on delivering high quality food however you should note it down that we don’t accept orders below Rs. 250.

Menu we serve

Presently we take orders related to:

1. Chicken Biryani

2. Chicken Kabab

Order Price

Minimum order we accept to process as already pointed above is 250 Rupees.

How to order?

You can contact us either via phone number ( 9620638110) or in case you feel uncomfortable over phone, you can mail your requirements to – haadienterprises1109@gmail.com