2 Ways to Break the Chain of Coronavirus Infection

The world situation in terms of health and economy is worsening day by day. The whole world including animals has been affected adversely. Every day we get to know scary news social media platforms, television, radios and in newspapers. People are losing lives continuously due to Coronavirus in the world. Even the powerful nations like the United States are helpless to fight and combat this growing epidemic.

Economies have been derailed by Coronavirus. It will take months, in fact, years, to regain back development. The need of the hour is to rethink strategies to break the chain of Coronavirus infection and at the same time to ensure its containment and less impact on economies. While we may not be able to attain both objectives at a time, we can possibly break its chain by following these two ways available to our disposal. After all, health is fine, everything is fine.

Observe lockdown

It is very unfortunate that we have been jailed in our homes by the Coronavirus epidemic. Not all can afford lockdown due to their different economic conditions. However, we have no other choice other than to stay in our homes. After all, health is fine, everything is fine. The simple reason why we should observe lockdown is that we can get back the wealth we lost but not the health. Go out of your home when necessary but use masks, keep social distancing, wear gloves and adopt everything possible to protect yourself from the Coronavirus.

Social distance

social distance

In case you plan to move out of your home, remember to keep a social distance from others. The gap between you and other people should not be less than 1 meter, a recommendation of the World Health Organisation. Social gatherings should be avoided in all possible ways. Don’t attend parties and if you do, be careful while adopting the available precautionary. Avoid shaking hands, hugging and other means of socialization with other party attendees. You never know who is infected and who isn’t and that is why it is very important to maintain distance from the crowd. The same advice is for people who gather in one place.

In Conclusion

While lockdown and social distance might help in breaking the chain of Coronavirus infection, we can’t keep with them for a long period of time. Scientists have to pace their efforts towards vaccine development and economists will have to come up with strategies that help economical survival and of course, governments must ensure availability of life necessities to the poor.

2 Ways to Break the Chain of Coronavirus Infection

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