Month: April 2021

Indus Valley Civilization Overview

Indus valley civilization is known as one of the earlier civilizations on earth. This civilization is believed to have lived between 3300BC-1700 BC in the Indian subcontinent. The name “Indus Valley Civilization” was given based on their settlements around Indus river basins and its tributaries. The Indus River flows all through Pakistan. Harappa and Mohenjo […]

Theodolite: Meaning and Classification

Theodolite is one of the widely used instruments known for taking accurate measurements of horizontal and vertical angles. This instrument has other applications as well – helps to locate a point on a line, prolonging survey lines, finding elevation differences, ranging surveys, etc. The primary classification of a theodolite are – transit and non-transit. When […]

21 Safety Rules for Working with Electrical Equipment

Cautions always help you avoid and stay safe from potential harms. They ensure you a safe environment for work and at the same time give you protection from various risks and other hazards. If you happen to be someone who works with electrical equipment, and tools, we recommend you follow properly these 21 golden rules […]

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