3 Reasons Not to Burn Garden Leaves

Leaves have to fall off from plants whether herbs, shrubs, and trees once they reach the period of declination. After the fall of leaves on the ground, we often tend to burn them without realizing its ill effects on our health and our environment. Here we shall explore the very three reasons why should we put leaves into a composite pit rather than burning them.

Health effects

You know that burning leaves generate smoke. We complain of headaches and cough like health issues once we are exposed to smoke. Why that happens is because our red blood corpuscles get deceived thinking they have received oxygen. Smoke contains in contrast carbon dioxide which is an undesirable substance for our blood cells. 

In addition to the headaches, the smoke becomes the cause of cough as well. The inhalation of smoke damages our lungs. Beyond cough and headaches, smoke could damage our eyes as well. Tears automatically come out of our eyes when we are exposed to the smoke.

Environment effect

Smoke also proves very fatal for our environment. Burning leaves makes our air polluted since unwanted and undesirable gaseous and particulate pollutants are expelled into our atmosphere. The release of carbon dioxide makes our atmosphere warm which leads to an increase in temperature which further leads to the flooding and other natural calamities. Not only human life but also the wildlife gets disturbed as well.

Soil effects

We tend to miss the opportunity of increasing soil fertility when we burn leaves. Leaves contain organic matter which proves very beneficial for soil fertility.

In conclusion, we must make ourselves habitual of putting garden leaves into a composite pit and abstain from the burning practice. We need to spread the message to every village so that people over there also understand the potential dangers of burning garden and woodland leaves.  

3 Reasons Not to Burn Garden Leaves

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