3 Reasons to Reuse Earthen or Clay Pots

The clay pots were a common thing three to four decades ago. They could be easily spotted in almost all kitchens in the world. People would use them for a number of purposes including cooking and eating meals. Unfortunately, those golden things are no more in use.

Those days when our elderly used clay pots have disappeared from our life. We doubt there could be anyone from our generation who remember the age and time of clay pots and potters who would roam around villages to sell their earthen pots.

The advent of clay pots in human society had revolutionized the ways of cooking food, containing water & milk and storing grains for a very long period of time. These pots were obtained from the molding of moist clay, then dried for some time and eventually baked by a group of specialized professionals who were called as potters. While many potters do live even today but unfortunately their occupation has ended.

Here are 3 reasons why we think we should be reusing clay or earthen pots again in our lives:

Health friendly

There is no doubt in the fact that earthen pots were prone to cracking and breaking when mishandled by people. Extreme care was demanded while handling them. However, the great thing about clay pots was that they offer many health benefits.

Meals cooked in earthen pots and served in earthen plates were healthy and taste friendly. It was made so by the alkaline nature of clay which while interacting with acidic food would attain a neutralized pH balance. The meals helped sick people recover quickly. The living example of their health benefits is that even today many doctors recommend sugar and diabetic patients eat food prepared while using clay pots. And pregnant women after giving birth to babies are served food prepared by using earthen or clay pots.

Employment generation

Thousands of artisans and others whose livelihood was connected with the making and selling of earthen pots lost their employment by the advent of aluminum and steel pots and utensils in the life of mankind. The reuse of earthen pottery will assure back employment and occupation back to the potters and thereby will contribute to the welfare of society and economic development.

Regain back cultural image

We literally damaged the image of our culture after we exploited metals for pottery. We lost not only the essential part of our culture but also the art associated with the pottery trade. We could be able to regain back our cultural image and bring back smiles on the face of potters by reusing earthen pots in our life.

In conclusion, we will be able to achieve many things needed desperately by the modern man. The reuse of earthen pots will assure all of us a healthy life, employment generation, cultural image and most importantly there will be no issue of pollution. After all, modern man is in desperate need of such things.

3 Reasons to Reuse Earthen or Clay Pots

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