5 Rights of a Widow Woman you Must Know

A widow is any woman who loses her husband and doesn’t remarry until her last breath. There is probably no community on earth that is devoid of widow women. No matter what the cause whether an accident or by natural death, there happen to be thousands of women who lose husbands and live without them for their entire life.

Living a life without a husband is full of miseries and hardships. It becomes even more difficult to handle life in the presence of children. Widows deserve the proper attention and care by their community people; after all, they too are part and parcel of our societies. Unfortunately, we are busy piling up our wealth. We have forgotten that there are some people and their children in our communities who we owe certain responsibilities.

Even from the perspective of humanity and religious duty, it is our responsibility to look after the widow women properly and don’t forget their rights.

  1. Right to get remarried: Sexual need is natural in all living organisms including human beings. Widows like other women also have the right to lawful sexual activity. As community members, it becomes our responsibility to encourage widows for remarriage. They like us deserve to enjoy their sexual life. They should be also encouraged to remarry with a man of their choice.
  2. Right for compensation: Widows are generally weak from the point of their financial needs. It is our individual and collective duty to help them economically as well so that they are able to get quality food, clothing, run her home and meet their other life necessities.
  3. Right for respect: They deserve respect as equal as we give to the other women in our societies. Respect boosts self-confidence in them. We must not show any kind of disrespectful behavior and manners towards them.
  4. Right for freedom: Widows have the right for the full freedom as well. They must be allowed to live freely. They must be encouraged to raise their voices against evils that hurt them. She must be defended and supported in odd situations.
  5. Right for education: Their children must be given full aid and support for education. They must be given access to quality institutions and teachers.  
5 Rights of a Widow Woman you Must Know

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