7 Best Loyalty Programs Apps to Increase Customer Loyalty

In the present world, mobile apps are essential tools for an organization’s growth. The modern market is pretty imbued and the folks have a large number of options from huge corporations to smaller businesses that can deliver high-quality goods.

Today’s technology is at the peak level, as a result, the online shopping has become more convenient for the people and it is also a cheaper option. It is very important to improve the customer loyalty and also it should be the first priority.

The mobile apps provide customers a wider range of options and allow them to create a wish list, to pay mobile bills, or to browse through the shop’s inventory on their mobile device will save the customer’s busy time.  The present generation always expects for the most cost-effective product or service.

With the help of the mobile apps, customers come to know more updated information, and they try out a new product provided with special discounts. Most of the teenagers often make decisions based on very inconsequential details.

An app provides customers with information about products and services. A plenty of options are available for the people and they can make an informed decision.

Creative and unique mobile apps are helping brands connect with people to convey brand messages, offers a useful service, keep them engaged and build consumer loyalty. Most of the customers who regularly use a branded app are more interested in buying from that company.

There have been a huge number of mobile loyalty apps that have been flopped miserably. Building a loyalty for a mobile app is the main objective of any business. But it won’t happen easily because, brand loyalty among mobile phone users is scarce, offers abound, competition is tough and the choices are virtually unlimited. One should more concentrate on improving the user experience to increase the customer’s loyalty.


Whether an enterprise chooses a broad app or one that focuses on a particular feature, it should be delivered in such a way that it will engage the user to drive customer’s adherence. A user-friendly interface is essential for any mobile app in modern society. Location awareness is a feature in a mobile app that delivers data based on the physical location of the device.

With the help of this feature, it is possible to alert customers with coupons, latest deals, discounts, and promotions etc. The high-quality and relevant content leads to higher engagement with the customers. It is an essential part that social media and mobile apps need to work together.

Sometimes, apps on their own lack an engagement factor, but when these same apps are combined with social media by sharing etc.  They are capable of unleashing their original power.

The integration technique of uniting the social media and apps is not a new trend. Incorporating social media Application Program Interface’s such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can improve the app functionality.

Allowing the folks to log in through their Facebook or other social media accounts is a way where one can improve the app by integrating with social functions.

Many apps are allowing consumers to share their content on other social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc to increase their reach and people all over the globe. It also increases the chances of one’s app to become popular.

These platforms promote interaction, dialogue and collaboration among millions of users. If a single user picks up a data, it can possibly catch on with other users and extend the range of the content. One of the key features of business apps that are used to increase engagement, loyalty and sales are the ability to send push messages.


A mobile wallet has the potential to increase sales and minimize the operating costs. In simple words, we can say that it is a method of paying for goods and services. It is a system of making payments and it helps customers in a secure way of carrying money. This amazing feature is easy to use because it allows one-click pay without the necessity to fill the credit card numbers and passwords.

One of the major advantages is that the mobile wallet has the ability to increase customer loyalty. Both Google and Apple increased the mobile wallet by integrating a loyalty reward redemption program into their payment systems. Hence it is clear that mobile wallets are not just designed for payments alone.

Merchants can increase customer loyalty by delivering a better customer experience by integrating with mobile wallet systems in a well-organized manner and therefore the efficiency is balanced.


1. Foursquare:

It is one of the most developed location-based apps. One can search for an enterprise’s listing, provide special offers to upcoming visitors, or include rewards for visitors.

2. Belly:

It is one of the largest loyalty apps on the market. Belly app offers rewards, email campaigns, social exposure and integration. Here, there are three different schedules depending on the features, the enterprise requires.

Each schedule includes a digital loyalty program that integrates with Apple Passbook and Google wallet. There is a Merchant Success Manager to every Merchant to help in criteria, positioning, and product. Additional features include social media integration and email marketing automation campaigns.

3. Spring Rewards:

This app is a powerful loyalty and marketing analytics platform that offers a simple way for the enterprises to acquire new customers and to interact with them. This platform connects to the credit and debit card consumers who work on the technology, requiring no additional hardware, set-up or training.

4. Spendgo:

This tool emphasizes the food and restaurant industry, offering personalized computer engagement programs. One can create campaigns focused on new generating customers, and also retaining the old customers with loyalty programs so that that can use in-store, online or on mobile devices.

5. Levelup:

This app enables an individual to offer multiple mobile payment options and also mobile reward programs to customers. When the customers pay using this app, we can offer them flexible rewards such as often visit and birthday incentives. The system comes with detailed customer analytics and demographics.

6. Linkable Networks: This service enables the customers to link the offers to their preferred credit card or debit card. It eliminates the need for an additional adherence card or a delay in activating the program and receiving rewards. It supports a variety of loyalty incentives including points, cashback, e-gifts, and more.

7. Perka:

This service offers both a free and an enhanced, fee-based version of its app for merchants. One can offer the customers incentives for signing up such as a welcome bonus and also targeted rewards for repeated visits. It is known to be a Clover Rewards program.


This app is known to be a shopping app that is available for both the iPhone and Android. It is particularly good for acquiring new customers as it enables merchants to search and communicate with people who are already shopping in their vicinity. It is also suitable for e-commerce businesses, but it is free for both merchants and customers. It offers deals, rewards, coupons, and discounts by using a mobile app.

7 Best Loyalty Programs Apps to Increase Customer Loyalty

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