7 Reasons Why Forests are Important

Forests embodying all the decidicious or conferous trees, shrubs, and herbs are an important feature of our mother planet named earth. Forests like many other physical features serve a special purpose. They are vital for almost all forms of living organisms including animals as well as human beings. Here are the 7 reasons that make forests an important part of environment and life.

Support respiration

Forests are in a constant trade with all living organisms. They give us oxygen in return for carbon dioxide. Respiration is vital for living organisms. We may live for some time without food and water but not for even few seconds without oxygen. Oxygen is required by the bodies of living organisms and carbon dioxide is required by plants.

Give us useful products

Humans obtain a number of useful products including oils, resins, tannins, gums, and even drugs which are very essential for our living on earth from forests. We are able to make furniture products after obtaining timber from forest trees.

Fuel wood

Mankind unlike other living organisms eat food after cooking, roasting and boiling it while burning fuel wood which they obtain from forests. 

Obtain timber

It is because of the forest trees that mankind is in a position to make desirable houses and carry out other construction works. Even in order to build ships which sail in oceans, boats in rivers, railway sleepers which support the movement of trains from one place to another, we require timber from forests.

Prevent soil erosion

Forests help in preventing the occurrence of soil erosion as their roots bind together soil particles. That is why plantation of trees on river banks is important as they prevent the damage due to the floods.


Humus which is very vital for increasing soil fertility is obtained after leaves decompose post fall from trees.


Forests bring in rain by transpiration which cools air. They also help reduce pollution and noise pollution.

7 Reasons Why Forests are Important

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