All you Need to Know about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With the innovation and advancement in technology and especially in the field of medical sciences most of the diseases have been brought under control and many lives have been saved, but new diseases are causing much trouble until humans are able to cure and curb them, much harm can be caused.

There is no doubt in saying that science is a blessing for humanity but it can be a curse as well. It is because of rationality that was bestowed upon humans by Almighty that human life became easy and comfortable. Research has made comfort possible for humans. Recently an outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID- 19) has made its appearance on the earth and everything was shut. No market is open, no department works, not even humans can be seen in the streets and brothers are suspicious of each other. Governments have locked down all the working machinery because human lives are at stake.

This disease made its appearance in China in December 2019 and very soon it increased its spread affecting human lives as it is a deadly infectious disease. It has killed 3331 people and 81740 were infected according to the report prepared by the National Health Commission, still, there are many people who suffer from this pandemic. The town named Wuhan was locked down for almost three months to restrict its spread and save human lives. China suffered a great loss in terms of economy and human development. This viral infection reached Europe, America, Australia, UAE and to Asia within a very short span of time and every country shut the windows and doors to trade which weakened the economy of every nook and corner of the world.

Italy, France, U. S. A, Iran, and many technologically advanced countries surrendered as no cure is available for this disease. These countries lost thousands of lives; even doctors became victims and lost their lives. These countries lost human lives in abundance and still the pandemic has been a cause for terror, people are advised by W. H. O to remain indoors to save their lives.

It was March when it reached Asia and its populous land India was affected and very soon the country became dark land with no open markets, schools and educational hubs were closed, every public and the private sector became forest with no activity. Now this land has more than ten thousand positive cases and the death toll reaching 273. The political market is just making estuations, but the priority has been given to human lives. Not only death has been taking place but a big challenge has created many problems for medical sciences. Doctors are working very hard day and night to cure patients and many positive results are coming out but still, the virus is spreading at a fast pace. Poor section of the society has lost all the finance because no job is available, people are facing many problems in terms of essential commodities because this country has been closed and no one is allowed to move out of four walls. After the 14th of April the lockdown will be extended and people especially the poor will bend under the pressure of their needs which will kill them.

Doctors have advised people to practice social distance that is why the country is a closet. People are staying in their homes and those affected are treated in isolation wards. Cases are increasing because no measure was taken at the earliest stage by the govt. But now the govt. has activated its machinery to prevent its spread. Maharashtra is the most affected state, Delhi just traveling fast with its vulnerability while other states are not far behind.

COVID-19 spreads with cough when droplets of infected reach to the mouth, nose or eyes of a person. Dry cough, cold, sneezing, headache, sore throat are its symptoms and it is very deadly and what is bleaker is that some infected can be detected after 20 days.

While it is said that prevention is better than cure which is right and apt. People are advised even ordered to wash hands after every fifteen minutes, drink more hot fluid, keep away from people and remain mostly indoors. People have to eat the food to increase their immunity as this disease attacks to kill mostly old age and infants while the youth is not an exception. Coronavirus has threatened the world and the universe has turned into a jail.

Life has come to a standstill. There is no rush on the roads, officers have fled to their homes, workers lost their jobs and most prominently world has become the center for melancholy. Corona Virus is spreading every minute and precious lives are at risk, nobody is able to find the remedy. Who will save this colorful universe? I say a man must act according to his senses which are a bonus from Almighty. They must stay in their houses, take necessary measures to wash hands at regular intervals, drink more water, eat food to increase their immune system and stay away from those who are infected. The most important tool that can save people is to never visit the areas where a single positive case is active and also never migrate to other places if the same place is affected by the disease.

India has reached the second lockdown and people are suffering a lot while poor and economically backward are now facing many problems. But staying home and isolated from all seems the only way that can protect us from the disease. Social distancing is an Islamic practice against pandemic and it has to be practiced for the wellbeing of the general public.

All you Need to Know about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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