Bioplastic A Better Alternative to Plastic

The recent war announced by the central government of India against plastic is very much appreciable. Let’s wait and watch for its results on the ground. It should have been done long back ago by the governments which ruled our country. Anyway, such a move, if implemented, by the central government will not only ensure the protection of the environment but the health and wealth of natives will also be preserved.

We must admit the fact that it is no easy to get rid of plastic use in our country as soon as possible. It will take many years of time to see our India plastic-free. For that to happen, our public needs to be educated about the harmful effects of plastic use on our health and environment. And simultaneously we need to come up, design and distribute the environment-friendly alternatives to our public. Our intentions and work towards finding out the best alternatives should not stop at any cost.

Nowadays, when we look around for the availability of plastic alternatives, bioplastic conjures up in our minds. It is perhaps the best alternative we can think of producing and using as a replacement to the plastic in the present time. Bioplastic, unlike plastic, is harmless. It leaves no toxic effect while it gets dissolved in soil, water, and in our atmosphere. In other words, water is not polluted, the soil does not become infertile, and pollutants are not added to our atmosphere.

There are lots of reasons why should we use bioplastic to our advantage. It decays within six months of the time period. Plastic materials, on the contrary, do not degrade even after thousands of years.

Bioplastic is prepared from the raw potatoes. Our country is lucky to face no shortage of potatoes supply. Potatoes are being cultivated throughout the entire country. From North to South, and from East to West, potato cultivation takes place in abundance. 

There are so many bioplastic products we can manufacture from using raw potatoes. Some of the products we can obtain from raw potatoes include carrying bags, flower pots, trays, outer packaging material, bin liners, etc. Bioplastic carry bags can serve the purpose of shopping for consumers. Flower pots and trays can be used for floriculture purposes. Outer packaging material can find use in the collection of meat and other grocery products.

Bioplastic manufacturing will contribute to the country’s economic development at the same time. Entrepreneurs who deal with plastic production and distribution can become able to transition into the bioplastic production and distribution when we really do it.

It will open up a varied number of business opportunities to the aspiring and already established entrepreneurs of the country. Even foreign direct investment can be sought into the country.

The entrepreneurs can take advantage of potatoes that are being cultivated locally in abundance while launching bioplastic manufacturing units in their localities. Potatoes are being sold in kilograms, and fortunately, each kilogram is cheaply available across the whole country. The cheapness of potatoes thereby proves advantageous to the entrepreneurs. Bioplastic manufacturing units and its allied service providers will at the same time open employment opportunities to the local job seekers.

Bioplastic A Better Alternative to Plastic

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