How to Start a Bookkeeping Business in India

bookkeeping business in india

Bookkeeping is one of the great home-based business opportunities and is easy to start as the investment required is very low and affordable. You must know it well that bookkeeping is not the same as accounting as there are many differences between these two jobs. Bookkeeping does not demand your formal education since a bookkeeper does not provide financial feedback. The job of a bookkeeper is to track and record revenues & expenditures, manage bank accounts, and process employee payroll work. Here I’m going to expose you to all the requirements you need to get started with your own bookkeeping business.

Skills you require learn

Even though formal education is not necessarily required to start a bookkeeping business, it is of great advantage to have some training for the sake of presenting a credible impression on your potential clients. You can enroll in a community college or vocational school where you could easily learn bookkeeping courses. Another useful idea to learn bookkeeping is to find accredited institutions through online platforms. The other skills necessary to operate a business of this kind are a piece of basic knowledge in business management. Moreover, you will be also in need of knowing how to legally operate your bookkeeping business.

Duties of a bookkeeper

A bookkeeper’s main job involves handling all aspects of financial record keeping. He or she will be working with numbers all day long by posting debits and credits, preparing financial statements, reports, payroll, and deposits of a business entity he or she decides to serve services. The other duties a bookkeeper may be required to perform are specialized tasks such as posting transactions, total accounts, and compute interest charges. He or she may also have to monitor loans and accounts and make sure certain payments are up to date.

Equipment you require

The most important equipment all bookkeepers need to have at their disposal is a reliable computer so that they do various involved important tasks such as typing letters, and creating spreadsheets while using certain computer applications. You should also know that most bookkeepers possess industry-standard software they use for business. The other important equipment which will be needed by you at priority is a printer, and possibly a fax machine.

Start-up costs to get you started

As I’ve said before, beginning bookkeeping business is fairly simple since it requires you very little start-up costs. Depending on the equipment and software that you already own, you could be in a great position to launch your business. Most of your start-up costs will be required for buying a reliable computer, bookkeeping software, and a printer. In conclusion, you could make your dream of owning a home-based business a reality provided you have what it takes to perform typical bookkeeping tasks. There is no dearth of potential customers to whom you can provide your bookkeeping services. All small business owners who fail to afford salaries for hiring a full-time bookkeeper will come to knock your doors as you build a killer brand in the market. I wish you all best of luck with your new business endeavor.

How to Start a Bookkeeping Business in India

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