25 Best Business Ideas for College Students in India

Even though starting a business is an uphill task for students, but today’s college expenses and the appalling job market leaves them with no option. Today, it’s really painful for many students to bear the costs colleges charge them and it is even more painful when they are not favored by companies due to the lack of experience.

Given these circumstances, many students choose to walk on the path of entrepreneurship, so that on one hand they could carry their hassle-free studies and on the other hand they could reduce the burden of costs from the shoulders of their parents.

Nonetheless, here are 20 plus best, in fact, the low cost based small business we believe will not only help students to manage college expenses but also won’t leave any negative impact on their ongoing studies:



To help your college folks avoid the pain and costs they face outside the college, you can sell textbooks to them within the premises of your college


Even, there are some students who prefer buying used books over new ones, after all, everyone’s pocket isn’t same.


As smartphones are continuously replacing laptops, computers etc day by day, the demand for mobile apps is ever increasing. Therefore, if you are a programmer, then you might think to adapt yourself to the mobile space.


More than ever, software developers are in huge demand today due to the fact that more and more companies continue to adopt advanced technology such as customer relationship management(CRM), enterprise resource planning(ERP) etc so that they could perform efficiently.


Blogging is another great option college students can embrace, however it takes patience as well as time to bag up financial rewards.

6. Become a Tutor

If you’re such a student who has an exceptionally great hold on a particular subject, then you may teach it to those students in your college who are a week in the same.

7. Personal Trainer

To help your college folks to work off the Freshman 15, you can provide fitness training services to them if you love to be physically focused.

8. Second-Hand Goods

You can also sell second-hand clothes, mobile phones, books etc to those whose pockets and pursues are not financially supportive to buy fresh things.

9. Sell Goods Online

Opening an online store is another great, in fact, a cheap way students can plunge into so that they could sell their second-hand goods to those people who can’t afford to buy new goods.

10. E-learning Services

Today, almost every student is well aware of the growth potential of e-learning services in schools, universities, college and even in corporations. With just a small investment, you can offer e-learning services to these key market segments.

11. Sports Trainer

Students with athletic spirit can help other students to become trained sportsman by opening a sports training center.

12. Transport Service

If possible, you can put your parent’s car to work by transporting your college folks from campus to their homes and vice versa.

13. Web Designer

Nowadays, web designers, especially in underdeveloped countries, are in high demand. Although, becoming a web designer luckily doesn’t demand you to have a certificate in hand, however, it takes a great amount of time to learn and acquaint yourself with this skill.

14. T-shirt Designer

If you’re a student with a creative mind and you believe that your designs will be loved by other college students, then you may consider becoming a t-shirt designer.

15. Freelancer

If you have got a strong knack for creative writing, then it’s worth that you let yourself open for freelancing. You will surely receive huge paychecks via Freelancer.com, elance.com etc like platforms where thousands of people visit to meet freelancers.

16. Portfolio Website

Help local events and businesses find the best party planners, musicians and bands by launching a portfolio website.

17. Sell Sandwiches

Find and afford a little space in your college canteen to make and sell sandwiches to other students during break times.

18. Make Scrapbooks

Help students preserve their stories, lovely moments, pictures etc by making and selling scrapbooks to them in your college.

19. SEO consultant

Become a search engine consultant to assist those who haven’t sufficient knowledge to make their websites achieve higher rankings in search engines.

20. Make Specialty Soaps

Make and sell specialty soaps in your community and even to gift stores if you truly are passionate about crafts.

21. Social Media Consultant

Act as a social media consultant to help companies build their presence on social media platforms like as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc

22. College Assignments 

Prepare and sell college assignments to other students in your college if you are familiar with it.

23. Sell Assignments Online 

You could even sell them on multiple online platforms and hence make more out of your efforts which you will put in.

24. Virtual Assistant 

Become a virtual assistant to answer calls, reply emails, update calendars etc for your clients. You don’t have to rent an office space as you can simply work from the comfort of your home.

25. Bookkeeper 

Derive income as a bookkeeper while performing the task of gathering and recording the money transactions of a business assigned to you.

25 Best Business Ideas for College Students in India

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