3 Causes of Species Extinction

Many species of plant and animal kingdom have been wiped out from the face of the earth. Dinosaurs which were the mighty reptiles have completely disappeared from our planet. They are believed to have lived and dominated the Mesozoic era.

The investigation of scientists has found out various factors responsible for the disappearance of various animal and plant species. Of many factors, the following are the three commonly identified ones. 

Habitat destruction

All animal species have a specific place of living commonly called a habitat. There are many animal species whose natural habitats have been destroyed by various human activities including construction, farming, hunting, and wood logging. Even the use of pesticides and the prevalence of urban regions have been found out to be damaging the survival of various species.

When forests and new lands are used to make houses, set up industries, and for the purpose of farming, many animals are left with no choice other than leaving their natural place. Since it takes time for animals to adapt to the new environment, they suffer from the non-availability of food sources.

The availability of food determines the growth and survival of living species. The frequent occurrence of natural calamities and human activities has wiped out the natural habitats leading to the loss of food and environment that used to support food availability. 

Excessive hunting

Excessive hunting is yet another reason that made many species become extinct. Despite the protection given by the law, many wild animals are still being excessively killed by humans with the intention to obtain and sell fur, tusks, and horns.

Exotic species

Many native species of plants, as well as animal kingdom, have disappeared since the introduction of exotic species. Scientists have found that bringing an exotic species affects the survival of native species since they fuel competition for food and space.  

In conclusion, we humans have no control over natural calamities. However, we can stop the occurrence of damages that result from human activities. Our approach should be towards sustainability. We must realize that all living organisms whether plant and animal species including humans are interdependent on each other. Damage to any species means damages to humans.     

3 Causes of Species Extinction

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