Dave and Buster’s Franchise

Dave and Buster’s restaurant launched by David Corriveau and James “Buster” Corley at  Dallas, Texas in 1982 is perhaps the first restaurant chain that executed the concept – facilitating amusement with family dining to customers.

A means of entertainment in the form of video arcade games, paintings, billiards etc along with food and drinks is being provided to the customers who visit Dave and Buster’s restaurant.

Till now, it has proven to be a successful innovative concept that has built Dave and Buster’s restaurant into a giant as well as a profitable restaurant business chain.

Well, with full confidence, we can say that investing in a Dave and Buster’s franchise could prove to be a rewarding opportunity if – you are passionate about starting a family based business.

But those folks living in United States who would aim to buy a Dave and Buster’s franchise unit unfortunately can not get it because the company is not franchising its business in United States.

On the other hand, those outside the United States, who would want to be Dave and Buster’s franchise can send their franchise query to International@daveandbusters.com. Well, when you are fully prepared about opening a Dave and Buster’s franchise(outside the US), you are advised in advance to following the below-mentioned steps:


You must first start your inquiry – by looking keenly at the history or background of the franchiser. What things you should look for include – when was the company started, what was its progress level in terms of its performance, when did the company start franchising its business, etc.

In brief, Dave & Buster’s restaurant was opened in Dallas Texas by David Corriveau and James “Buster” Corley and in 1989 Edison Brothers Stores acquired the majority of ownership in the restaurant.


2nd important task of yours is – understanding, how much does it cost to purchase a Dave and Buster’s franchise. What would be the net worth(financial assets) that you need to have in order to own a Dave and Buster’s franchise.


By personally visiting to those people who have acquired a Dave and Buster’s franchise unit in their localities can make your overall task much easier.

You can ask them – what procedure you followed up, how much investment you had to put in to buy its franchise unit, what sort of assistance franchisee gets from franchiser etc

Dave and Buster’s Franchise

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