What is Gay and Lesbian? Meaning & Characteristics

The term ” gay ” previously confined the meaning – a happy person regardless of his sexual orientation, whether male or female. However, today the meaning of this very term has shifted to – a person having a sexual orientation towards other men or someone who shows both spiritual and sexual affection towards the same gender member.

Scientists are yet to solve the puzzle whether a gay is born that way or he gets it developed with time by environmental factors. While the majority of people throughout the world believe that homosexuality is not biological rather developed, recent researches indicate that homosexual orientation is partly determined by genes. Whatever the cause, let’s leave it to scientists to find out whether one is biologically born as gay or it is the environment that causes him to become so.

It is very unfortunate to say that even in 21st century where every single human being whether man or woman has right to express feelings or live the way he or she wishes to, gays and lesbians(women who’re sexually-oriented to other women) still counter societal discrimination though many people, if not majority, know being a gay or a lesbian isn’t something that is chosen by these people rather it is something that is either born with it or get that developed by other factors. They won’t listen to that rather blame and even sometimes unleash violent behavior upon these people citing the reason that such people are against nature.

Well, whatever the reason behind their gayness and lesbianism, we shouldn’t behave violently or simply offend them at all. After all, they too are humans, ain’t they? They too feel emotions like we do. Gays may not be socially acceptable to most people but we should remember and ask ourselves – if they aren’t able to change, do we have the ability to change them? I know “NO” pops up in your mind when this question reaches your brain cells. So, in nutshell,  allow others to live their own way like you prefer to live your way.


Lesbians tend to be sexually or romantically inclined towards other women. In other words, a girl could be referred as a lesbian if her sexual orientation is towards the members of same gender or simply wants to have intimate sexual as well as spiritual relationship with other women.

While many claim lesbianism to be natural but there is hardly any genuine research study that supports such claim. Anyway, when we look from modern world’s perspective, such women are now free to express their sexuality equally as men have freedom to express their gayness. Those days when women didn’t have the courage to express such sexual orientation openly don’t exist anymore although we accept the fact that on ground these lesbians and gays unfortunatly still face discrimination and sometimes violence.

A lesbian unlike a straight women especially during adolescence time finds herself checking out other person of the same sex. She doesn’t feel interested in males. In fact she doesn’t like the idea of going out with a man like other women with straight orientation do. There are even some women who are unsure about whether or not they are lesbians. So, if you happen to be of those, there is nothing to worry because it is normal. In case you don’t want that confusion to haunt you down, spend few minutes on taking test provided above.

What is Gay and Lesbian? Meaning & Characteristics

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