Dettol Production Business Plan

By way of definition, I can tell you that an antiseptic is a combination of potent chemical substances to form a powerful solution that has the ability of preventing infections by countering the growth, activities and emergence of harmful micro-organisms. While some micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi and virus are helpful and useful to mankind an the environment, many others are very dangerous, dreaded and harmful lo life and general well-being. They live everywhere you can think of and the eyes of human beings cannot see them without the use of microscopes and other magnifying glasses. Mainly, micro-organisms live around human beings, animals and the natural surroundings.

From time to time, we strive and make efforts to get rid of the harmful ones through the use of antiseptics. Once of the popular type of antiseptics widely used all over the world for this purpose is the Dettol solution. You can go into the production of dettol either for personal use or on a commercial basis and make a lot of money from the business marketing your products. People use the dettol to bath, wash clothes, clean the floors, cleam the toilets, clean the bathrooms, wash hands and to maintain a high degree of personal hygiene and cleanliness around them. Mainly, dettol is meant for external use and can be very harmful to the body when swallowed into the stomach. So take a very good note of this.

So, you can create a very good job for yourself today by producing and selling the Dettol antiseptic to people. The inputs required for the production of this item can be easily sourced from the markets as they are readily available in the shops and warehouses of chemical product dealers. You can get them at very cheap and affordable rates. This is not a business where you will spend a lot of money to produce your stocks. Also, the Detol Antiseptic production process is very simple and less complicated. Anybody who is properly guided in the practice can do it irrespective if whether he or she is a graduate or not, a literate or not or a big investor. As long as you are ready and in a position to get the basic knowledge and skills required to do the business, you are good to go.

My mission of writing this article is to ensure that by the end of this tutorial and coaching session, you will be able to start producing your own unique Detol Antiseptic product which can compete favourably in the markets and even out-perform the foreign and industrially manufactured antiseptic products. Just give me your attention and allow me to ride on and show you an expert way used by foreign companies in the production of the Dettol antiseptic. Other information marketers will ask you to pay a lot of money just to get this information from them but I am offering it here to you free of charge. I want all of you to become financially empowered, independent and buoyant. That is simply why I am doing this.

Okay, below are the basic inputs needed in the production of the Dettol Antiseptic as well as their standard combination proportions and ratios:

• 1/2 Tin Milk cup of the Texapon

• 1 Tin Milk Cup of Pine Oil

• 1 Tin Milk Cup of the Phenol

• 1/2 Tin Milk Cup of Chloroxylenol

• 2 Tin Milk Cups of the Isopropanol (IPA) chemical

• A sufficient quantity of any Dettol coluorant of your choice. It can be brown, white, yellow, blue or any other colour.

• 3 Tin Milk Cups of Water

Observe that most of the chemical ingredients required for the production of Germicides are also needed for the production of the Dettol antiseptic. Also take note that the specified base for the measurement and mixture of the aforementioned inputs is a Tin Milk cup. So find any one around you and use it. At the end of the production process, you will have 1 Litre of the Antiseptic (Dettol Formula).

The first five production inputs listed above are the core chemicals for the process. Before you commence your production, ensure that the chemical composition of the 5 chemicals are in the following standard percentages as stated below:

• 5% of Texapon

• 9% of Pine Oil

• 9% of Phenol

• 4.5% of Chloroxylenol

• 12% of the Isopropanol (IPA)

Calculating from the percentages above, the implication is that an Ideal Dettol Antiseptic is made up of 39.5% of the chemical components while the water and colourant make up the remaining 60.5% so as to make it a 100% complete mixture.

Buy these chemicals from chemical dealers in the market, transport them carefully back to your production floor and follow these procedures carefully to produce your Dettol Antiseptic as soon as possible:

• Firstly, get a large empty container, pour the Texapon into it and turn it gently.

• Secondly, add your Pine Oil to the container and stir the mixture properly.

• Thirdly, add the Phenol acid and turn the mixture very well.

• Fourthly, add the Chloroxylenol chemical to the mixture and also stir it to equally distribute the components added so far within the container.

• Now, get your Isopropanol (IPA) and add it to the mixture. Then, stir it thoroughly as much as you can.

• At this point, add an observed quantity of water into the mixture and turn it thoroughly and properly.

• Finally, use water to dissolve your colourant in a separate container. Then, gradually add it to the main mixture until you get the colour of your choice for your antiseptic. Continue stirring it until the solution is properly turned and mixed within the container. Remember, the addition of colour should come last during the production process.

• After that, your Dettol Antiseptic is ready for use. Package it little by little by pouring it into well-designed and branded containers. Seal them and take them to the market for sale.

Your prospective customers includes hospitals, schools, public toilets, car parks, occasions, events, ceremonies, households, companies, shops, businesses, hotels, restaurants, dry cleaners, launders, supermarkets and many other target retail outlets. Offer high quality products to your customers and win their hearts. If they derive maximum benefits and satisfaction using your antiseptic products, they will recommend them to their friends and you will generate more sales revenue and make a lot of profits from your business. Advertise your business and products on radios, newspapers, magazines, posters, banners, signposts, televisions, billboards, fliers, direct selling among many other cost-effective means of advertising promotion and publicity so as to drive more sales leads to your business and enjoy maximum returns on your investments.

Keep your customers with you always. Motivate and encourage them to continue buying your products by granting the seasonal discounts, prices slashes, promo benefits, free gifts and many other incentives. Sell at good prices considering your cost of production, desired profit margin as well as other significant market factors like the competitive strengths and business strategies.

In the future, consider getting a shop or an office in a strategic position for your business so as to get more visible, noticeable and exposed to your potential customers. Establish more branches with time and build a bigger antiseptic production plant as soon as you can afford the money so as to become a leading giant and a big name in the field. Register a company name for your business and get an enhanced corporate image for your establishment. Employ more skilled staffs and expert to help you run and manage your business smoothly and profitably. Also, register your brands and products with any relevant regulation body in your areas and gain worldwide acceptance and recognition for your products. Thus, you can favourably venture into the international markets through exports and make more money from your business.

If you teach other aspiring entrepreneurs how to produce the Dettol Antiseptic, you can also make a lot of money doing so by charging the lecture fees for your seminars, workshops and training session. You can as well prepare and sell tutorial manuals, guides, CDs and materials and sell them to the participants to generate more income from the exercise.

For more information about how to produce the Dettol Antiseptic, feel free to contact any expert in the field around you and he or she will put you through other technical aspects of the business. Thus, you will stand in a pole position to better set up your business without much challenges and start making money from your venture into the long-term future. This business can feed your future generations if you nurture and manage it very well.

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Dettol Production Business Plan

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