3 Disadvantages of Concrete Houses

In our childhood classes, we were taught by our teachers that man along with his family used to live in caves. He ended his cave life after his habitation began near agricultural land and water bodies. That time he had learned about living in wood huts. His lifestyle made further advancement as he learned about building and living inside a clay-based house. Then he learned ways to make bricks and using them for constructing his house and so on.

It was only the recent time when man discovered cement. Until its discovery, he was fed up with the issues associated with clay made house. The problems in clay material lead man to think of an alternative that could help him get rid of them. Of many problems, clay-based houses didn’t last long. The other problem associated was that it could not show sufficient resistance to the force of winds, floods, and other natural disasters.

There is no doubt in the fact that the discovery and use of cement was indeed a great achievement in the history of mankind. It brought with it a lot of conveniences and helped us get rid of clay house problems. However, it also brought several financial and health issues. The following are some of the reasons why we find a cement or concrete house, not a choice worth considering.

Expensive to Build

A cement house isn’t as cheap to build as a clay-based house. In simple words, it is very expensive to build a cement house compared to its counterpart clay-based house. Cement houses demand a lot of money required to buy building materials such as bricks, sand, and most importantly cement itself. That is only possible when there is the easy availability of money to a person who plans to build a cement house.

Hefty matting costs

It is no difficult to understand that the matting of cement houses also costs a huge amount of money, unlike a clay house. After all, heavy matting is required for resisting the extreme coldness offered by the cement. Clay houses don’t demand much matting costs.

Health issues

Health issues like regular headaches and back pain are common health issues in cement houses. You can’t escape from headaches ad back pain like health issues. Headaches are a result of the accumulation of unwanted gases that aren’t easily expelled out due to the cement.

3 Disadvantages of Concrete Houses

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