The 10 Education Business ideas to Start in India

Today, if you and we are able to read and write, it is because of the education we received from schools and universities.

It is rightly said by someone that education transforms people. It helps them to accomplish their career dreams. Imagine without education, how would we become doctors, engineers, teachers etc. Imagine how can we empower ourselves to reason against illogical things without education. There is no method other than education that can give us such things

Besides these things, education gives us exposure to the world around us, it builds values in us and because of those values we are able to judge between right and wrong, it imparts ability in us to work across difficult cultures and people from different corners of world. Moreover it makes us aware about the precautions to protect ourselves from diseases.

Now, if you aspire to become an edupreneur whether you are a teacher or you belong to any other profession, then here are 10 trending and best education business ideas that could give wings to your aspirations:


A nursury school is the first educational exercise a child is exposed to. Its aim is to provide home like conditions to a kid. It is the first place that builds self esteem in children.

Since a nursury school proves to induce great social skills and helps kids to achieve better grades, almost every parent turns towards nursury schools. Apart from it, there are huge gaps that many nursury schools fail to fill such as quality education, comfortable learning environment and many more. With such gaps in mind, you could start your own nursury school and hence fulfill your financial requirements.


Also referred as elementary school is the second educational exercise a child passes through.

The primary school gives exposure to simple arthimitic rules and other basic learning stuffs. It lays a solid foundation in a child’s educational life. With low competition and low quality education being delivered in existing schools, you could think to cash in a primary school in your desired location.


A driving school aims at helping people to learn drive their cars and other vehicles.

Since driving is not like a genetic skill we acquire from our parents, there are thousands of people who want to learn proper driving before taking their vehicles on roads. Therefore, if you posses a good knowledge about driving, then what better you could start other than a driving school in your locality.


A music school aims to develop musicians.

Almost everyone loves music. Despite people having this universal interest, many schools avoid it in their programs. That is why you could also think of starting a music school if you know how to play different musical instruments.


If you are a fashion designer who is looking towards making money in this industry, then the best and compelling opportunity for you is to start a fashion designing school in your area.

6. Start a Bookstore

You can also consider starting a small bookstore that would target books to the student market in your local area.

7. Start a Printing Press

Printing press is another thriving and profitable business opportunity an aspiring entrepreneur can think of starting in the education industry.

8. Sell Stationary Online

Creating an online store and selling school stationary is undoubtedly a rewarding opportunity that has maintained a trending pace in recent times.

9. Home Tutoring Service

You can turn your expertise in any subject into a real cash by offering the service of home tutoring in your local area.

10. Become a Blogger

You can also convert your passion into real money by creating an online blog and make money by displaying ads on your new blog.

The 10 Education Business ideas to Start in India

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