Green Wedding Meaning and Importance

Many families today throw lavish marriages without knowing their severe implications on our environment. Not only our environment gets disturbed, even it hurts the very fabric of our society and resources.

A marriage conducted lavishly results in the waste of money, food, and leaves a bad impact on the psyche of poor people in a society. After all, a lavish marriage requires complex planning, expensive food and other facilities in abundance unlike a simple marriage that demands simple inputs.

The amount of money spent on lavish marriages sums to cores of money. That amount could be used otherwise on helping poor families get their children married, on handicapped people who can’t afford expensive surgeries and treatments, on education to help children get education, and many other problems faced by our society.

Contrary to the lavish marriages, there is concept of a simple marriage, in which waste is reduced to minimal level, planning is simple; guests are few etc., which collectively leave no negative impact on our environment. There is literally no noise pollution, no water pollution, and low use of plastic when people perform simple marriages.

Simple marriages or weddings are eco-friendly as there is a requirement of few inputs. Lavish marriages aren’t eco-friendly at all.

Another concept that is required anyhow especially by our environment is green weddings. In an eco-friendly marriage, there is no use of plastic, polythene, and hence no harm on our environment. Green marriages consume green products and when green products are used, results are green since environment isn’t getting disturbed at all.

Green Wedding Meaning and Importance

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