Growing Bamboo for Timber

Timber crisis might soon become a reality since its supply is constantly shrinking day by day on earth. Forests and woodlands are being exploited for timber and other carpentry products at a very faster rate compared to the plantation. Despite the truth that plantation has seen attention more than ever; the problem lies in the maturity of trees that takes years before getting ready for cutting.

If we continue with the overexploitation of forests at such a rate, there might be a disastrous consequence of global warming and climate changes which have resulted from deforestation.

That is why the need for a compatible alternative has become important. The desirable alternative should be offering similar features and should be growing very fast. Bamboo is a better alternative that offers many applications. We can make beds, chairs, wardrobes and many other important home structures out of Bamboo.

We need to give much importance to the cultivation and use of bamboo for timber because it is a plant that grows very fast compared to the other tree species on earth. Some species of bamboo plants can grow up to 130 meters within four months of time. That is very exciting since we would be able to attain sustainable timber from the cultivation of bamboo plants.

The other exciting feature of bamboo plants is that they can comfortably grow even in temperate regions of the world. Nearly one thousand and twelve hundred species of bamboo have been so far identified by the botanists.

In conclusion, we could push away the timber crisis for a longer period of time provided we turn our focus towards bamboo cultivation. That doesn’t mean we should stop planting the other species of trees which give us timber. We need to look after them as well and then only we could dream of a sustainable world.

Growing Bamboo for Timber

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