History, Effects, and Ways to Quit Smoking

Smoking is a practice of inhaling and exhaling of smoke generated from burning tobacco. The tobacco contains an alkaloid substance called nicotine that acts both stimulator and tranquilizer. There are many smoking practices that prevail in the world. The most common are pipe smoking, cigarette smoking and even chewing tobacco.

Smoking history

Smoking was earlier practiced by American Indians and it made entrance in Europe through Christopher Columbus and others. It reached all parts of the world within a very short span of time.

Today it is the most powerful cause of death and according reports of WHO in 1990 it caused four million deaths and in 2003 death toll reached to more than six million while recently in 201, it increased to eight million mark round the world. What is more deplorable is that 80% of these deaths took place in developed countries which are recognised with innovative and well equipped medical care.

It had come down in countries of Australia, America and Europe but increase with the fast pacing age is felt in Asian, African and South American countries. Tobacco is addictive and toxic substance and is thought to be relief giving from stress, boredom, frustration, anxiety and many other things.

In some countries use of smokeless tobacco is used.  Tobacco is produced and treated with many technical traits to preserve its various characteristics. It is mixed with many flavours and its users increase day by day. Its users are many and especially in India dried leaves are used for the purpose of this practice. There are at least 120 million smokers in India. It is hosting of 12% of world smokers while it is reported that more than one million deaths occur due to tobacco inhaling.

Not only males but females are also addicted with this deadly substance. While when burned it consists of more than 4, 000 chemical compounds which are highly devastating and harmful to health. Cigarette boxes have a quote saying “Cigarette smoking is injurious to health” but these things are sold in markets to make death simple and can be earned at the cost of money.

Effects of Smoking

There are various harmful effects of smoking which lead to mental depression and death. The fatal effects are cough, cold, wheezing asthma and lung diseases. It can cause pneumonia, emphysema and lung cancer, 84% deaths are because of lung cancer while 83% take place due to (COPD)chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 

It can also give birth to throat cancer, tongue cancer, difficulty in breathing, and change in colour of face, lips and other body parts. It makes blood thicker and chances of clot formation are generated in the body. It can increase the heart beat and blood pressure and also decrease oxygen to limit blood circulation.

Stomach cancer and ulcer can be caused. It can decrease the ability of thinking and give place to alienation. It removes the shiny substance from your skin and makes it dull and rough.

Your bones become weak. It also weakens the mental strength and chancres of brain damage are higher. It causes bad breath which gives way to alienation, while teeth become yellowish then black. The most important thing to be mentioned is that it can make a male impotent and his reproductive capacity is lost. While operation Anaesthesia functions chances are less. 

Ways to quit smoking

Though a tough job but if you really care for your family and if you love yourself then it won’t be difficult. I myself was a smoker, it seemed to me relief giving but losing capacity of thinking is dangerous.

The very first thing you do is to motivate yourself that life is important it can help you to do the job. You may need nicotine try to find help from doctor for replacement of smoking, you may face headache but medical help will free you from the stress.

Most often smoking occurs because of frustration and mental labour, try to keep relax be confident in dealing with life. If you smoke after meals try to keep busy with brushing, chewing gums and other activities. If you try it after coffee you must switch your taste to tea and vice versa. Take help from friends, family members and those who are there to offer you help.

Try to be away from frustration and anxiety. You can use alternatives of exercise, massage and many others to escape smoking. I say, better it is if you keep busy with your friends. You must be having some Sancho Panza to console you and keep you away from such practices and thinking.

Never try to visit or meet such friends who are indulged in such practices. It will bring you back to the same platform where you have pulled off.

Life is precious and will never be given second time. You must think of your loved ones (nears and dears) such as parents, life partners and children and their life, it will surely and certainly help you curb such practice.

Remember i said it is difficult not impossible, be motivated and confident because nothing is more valued than life. Life is a big gift from Almighty always tries to live for the purpose and never let it go waste. Those who believe in science recall its effects and be practical.

History, Effects, and Ways to Quit Smoking

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