5 Hot Retail Business ideas

Despite the reality that more and more people are shifting towards online businesses, brick and mortar retailers are still the lifeblood of an economy. There are still and real opportunities lying in the traditional retail business. In fact, offline businesses have to grow to service online business in the physical world.

Here are the five best, hot, and innovative retail service business ideas that will require you to get your hands dirty and get into it headfirst. However, the returns that you can get from them are far exceeding anything.


Most large offices have a window cleaning service to keep their windows looking clean and sharp. However, many smaller businesses operated by self-employed entrepreneurs may not have the resources to hire bigger contractors to have their window cleaned. Also, it is also not profitable for a larger contractor to install a machine to clean windows on smaller buildings.

The way this works for smaller businesses is to hire vans, install water tanks and pumps in the vans and use a hosepipe extenuation for cleaning. This is something that we have seen work excellently in smaller locations.


This is a no-brainer – if you look at developing third-world countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Kenya, and other smaller developing nations. They have a huge demand for energy, also due to high oil prices globally the cost of producing electricity is relatively high in these nations.

A way to get around this is to install solar cells (usually a self-installing kit sells for around $2,500). This would take care of the needs of an average household in these nations taking that household off the grid – the average electricity bill in some households is unto $100 per month. So the kit pays for itself in 2 years but works for you for 20 years.


This is also a very tight niche yet still commands a premium due to the lack of such services. Most government offices around the world purchase equipment through tenders. ‘Tender’ is a process whereby numerous companies apply to fulfill a requirement (e.g. buying computers, or creating uniforms, etc) for any company that needs them.

However, most companies who can fulfill the requirement don’t know how to go about it. This creates a gap which can be filled by someone anyone who can advise the company on how to apply for the tender and give them bigger business through helping them fulfill government tenders.

4. Kebab fast food 

We have burgers, coffee houses, donuts for fast food chains. What we don’t have is a specialty kebab fast-food chain. Curry is now the number 1 selling food in the United States, it has been consistently outranking fish and chips for a decade now, however, there are no curry fast-food chains.

Certainly curry is not a food you want to eat in your car, however, kebab is very close to a burger pattie and is something that you would be more comfortable eating in your car. This is again a specialty food item which would work best in an area of majority immigrants.

5. Grocery store

This is a no-brainer. As more and more people become aware of the costs of using pesticides and inorganic fertilizer in the production of food, organic food is becoming more and more popular. This is a retail business idea that could change the world as Walmart did in the 1960s. The investment upfront is huge however the returns are going to be much better as well since it will be a specialty, novelty store and has the potential of commanding high premiums.

5 Hot Retail Business ideas

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