How to Calculate the Cost Of Construction

Suppose you have a land and want to build a building here. In this case, if you are wondering what you should do first, you can review our news. Here are the stages of construction …

1. Construction Stages!

To prepare the projects of the people who want to build a building on their land and where they will build a building; these projects and other necessary documents must obtain the construction permit from the municipality. As it is known, if the municipality does not have a license, the municipality will be demolishing these unlicensed structures.

Before obtaining the construction permit, the landlord or cad astral directorates and the related municipalities, depending on the building owner or his deputies, should refer to the application record, the revised sketch, the revised sketch or the zoning status.

The documents required for construction permit are listed as follows:

  • Petition
  • undertaking
  • Deed Deposit
  • Power of Attorney (if required)
  • Architectural project
  • Static project
  • Electrical, mechanical installation projects
  • Environment and landscaping projects
  • Road and infrastructure contribution share documents paid
  • Other documents required for technical control (when necessary)

Following the application with the documents listed above, the project can be started if the project is approved and the license is granted. But the construction construction stages do not end there.

During the construction of the building, construction must be done in accordance with the project. Otherwise; Structures that are not constructed in accordance with the project that is licensed are not granted “Building Use Permit”. So what is this building permission to use?

Building Permission

The occupancy permit, also known as housing, is defined as the document that a licensed project must have after the construction work is finished, in order to begin the session.

As far as the construction of the buildings have been completed in accordance with the project, the issues that are subject to the examination are made by the Zoning Directorate Building Use Authorization units of the municipalities.

In order to obtain a building permit, the construction contractor must apply to the municipality to which the real estate is attached, and fill out a petition for the building permit. In addition, it is necessary to provide the necessary documents for the construction permit and the construction permit for the building permit.

Documents required for using building permits:

  • A petition containing the request to use the building,
  • Deed registration information,
  • Relationship Cutting Certificate from Tax Office,
  • External Channel Certificate (IZSU),
  • Telecom Consent,
  • Report on Project Owners,
  • Report of the Building Audit Company,
  • Facade photos – (13/18 cm),
  • Real Estate / No Environment Cleaning Tax,
  • Certificate of Debt Obtained from SSK.

If the structure of the document to be taken with the elevator, the other documents requested in this case are listed as follows;

  • Elevator company; TSE Certificates,
  • Warranty Certificate,
  • Engineers’ SMM Certificates,
  • Inspection Report – 4 pieces
  • Inspection plug,
  • Application projects,
  • Shelter Report,
  • Fire Installation Report.

2. How is the cost of construction calculated

The property tax value for buildings is with construction cost of construction. How is the cost of construction calculated? If you are asking, you can review our news for the response and subject details …

The building tax value is included with construction cost. In case the appraisal of the tax value is not possible according to the value of the building value, the normal purchase price is found through the cost value.

The cost of the building is the sum of the construction cost calculated according to the provisions of Article 20 and the sales profit, which is calculated according to the provisions of Article 20, and the normal purchase price of the land on which the land is constructed. Well, how do you calculate the cost of construction, let’s answer immediately.

The provisions related to the calculation of construction cost are specified in article 20 of the same regulation as follows;

Calculation of construction cost

  • Article 20 – The construction cost is calculated by measuring the external cost of the building from
  • multiplication.
  • (Amended: 25.10.1982 – 8/5525 ​​K.) The normal construction cost of square meters, the use of buildings, construction considerations and
  • According to their class, they are determined by the Ministry of Finance and Public Works together with their announces before the budget year.
  • However, in the case of general declaration periods, this notice shall be made four months before the start of the declaration period.
  • If the calculated square meter of normal construction cost is not taken into consideration in the declared price, 8% is added for the heating or air conditioning installation and 6% for the elevator installation.
  • For the basement floors that do not benefit from the floor and the elevator, no additional is done due to the elevator.
How to Calculate the Cost Of Construction

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