How to Eradicate Beggary from our Society

Man has seen a great level of development in various fields from agriculture, medicine, construction, transportation, etc. However, there is still a section of our society that is yet to get rid of beggary. A beggary is an act in which a person most often with a poor background gets access to the money, clothing, and other life necessities without paying a single penny.

Beggary has become a headache of all almost societies all over the world but it is most prevalent in South Asian countries including our nation India. In India, begging is predominant since poverty has not disappeared completely despite our governments whether in Centre or in states doing everything they could to alleviate it.

Beggary is one of the serious social issues that need our attention. It not only brings shame to our society as a whole but also prove disastrous to our accumulated wealth. The sad fact about beggary is that some people have transformed it into a business that needs no investment other than time and effort. A beggar goes around and gets money for no cost at all.

Beggary is the daughter of extreme poverty. People who are extremely poor often take the route of beggary so that they could feed their families. Most often a person who is physically incapable of doing work begs for food, money, and other life amenities. People who are physically capable of doing work should not be given anything rather should be advised to take a job. The job will earn him not only a livelihood but respect in the society as well. 

Despite various measures, beggary could be alleviated in many ways. A beggar should be helped out by providing him a lump sum amount of money so that he could build his house, and do business. We should be encouraging them financially and morally

Social and economic injustice has also supported beggary in one or the other way. When people don’t donate some proportion of their accumulated wealth, beggary is the result.

To eradicate beggary from society, there is a need for collecting and distributing a lump sum amount that could help a beggar to stand economically. If we continue to give money in small proportions, beggary will continue to exist.

How to Eradicate Beggary from our Society

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