How to Start your Own Candle Making Business in India

If you love candles, you may consider the business idea of making and selling candles. Candles are consumable products that find their way into approximately 60% of all American households, either as gifts or intentional purchases. This means the potential profit in a candle making venture is huge in our country.

It is not necessary to work full time, when it comes to making a profit with candles. Even as a hobbyist, it is possible to earn extra money. Follow these steps to get started with your own candle making business today.


Many successful candle makers are self-taught. There are a countless number of books, online tutorials, and videos on YouTube that teach all aspects of a candle making. There are also hundreds of candle making related websites and forums created exclusively for helping novice candle makers get started to make candles and excel at what they do.  

It is recommended that you start out slow, creating only two or three different candles at first. This gives you the opportunity to perfect the craft and helps to ensure that you will be offering the highest quality product possible to your target customers.


Well, before you actually begin to sell your candles, you should test your product. Burn several of your candles to make sure they burn properly. You also need to establish burn time. It is also a good idea to consider some type of liability insurance, to save your business from losses in an untoward event or a house fire. 


Many candle makers purchase their supplies online, because of the vast selection that is available to them. More and more of these individuals are leaning toward a more natural soy-based candle than traditional paraffin wax. These candles burn better and are actually better for people and the environment, as well.


All candles that you make must be labeled properly to include your contact information. This makes it very easy for customers to contact you when they need to reorder or ask questions.


There are several ways you can market candles. You can sell them at flea markets, advertise on sites such as, sell them at home parties or through fundraisers and online via your own website or sites such as (Etsy is a popular buying and selling marketplace for a countless variety of homemade items.)

You can also offer to make them for realtors and/or bed and breakfast proprietors, who often give their clients a small “thank you” gift in appreciation of their business.

How to Start your Own Candle Making Business in India

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