How to Start a Kettle Corn Business

Begin a kettle corn business with a small startup cost and some creative marketing skills. Kettle corn is a form of popcorn which is seasoned with salt and a sweetener. This tasty snack rose to popularity during the colonial American years. These pioneers made kettle corn by using a cast iron kettle and heated over a wood burning fire.

The kettle corn was sprinkled with sugar or over time changed to honey, molasses, or cane sugar. The flavor is a slightly sweet mix with a slightly salt taste. A kettle corn business can be found at many fairs and social events.


The ingredients for kettle are easy. It requires popcorn, salt, corn oil, and a sweetener. Before beginning your kettle corn business it is important to practice making the kettle corn with different sweeteners.

For example, white sugar will give the kettle corn more of a popcorn ball flavor. Brown sugar, on the other hand, will give kettle corn a caramel flavoring. Other sweeteners to try are honey, molasses, raw sugar, or try sugarless varieties such as stevia or sucralose.

Equipment and Supplies

Purchase a kettle corn cooker for your kettle corn business which has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Decide if you want to pop the corn out of your kitchen or purchase a mobile unit. The mobile unit can attract more customers because of the delicious aroma it emits while cooking. Certain supplies are needed. For example, the cookers can become very hot. It is best to wear cooking safety gear to reduce injuries, such as long-sleeved shirts, goggles, face masks, covered shoes, gloves, and aprons. Other supplies necessary are plastic bags, wooden paddles, propane tanks, a sifting bin, and a corn scooper.

Creative Marketing

Since kettle corn was first popular in the states during colonial times, it would be eye-catching for your kettle corn business to dress in colonial-era clothes while selling the corn. Travel to craft shows, festivals, and fairs to sell colonial popcorn, just the way it was made during our forefather’s time period. A historical tasty snack sold by a person in historical costuming.

How to Start a Kettle Corn Business

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