Keyword Stuffing Meaning and Consequences

One of the many SEO practices that help in yield great search engine results is to use the right number of kywords in your blog posts. When you overload a post by a same keyword in an attempt to gain high SE rankings, you are doing a black hat practice called keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is no more considered a valid way to increase your search engine rankings rather is treated an illegal method used for manuplation of organic rankings.

Keyword stuffing meaning

Those days no longer exist when webmasters used to overload keyword for attaining higher rankings in search engines. Keyword stuffing means a method of using a keyword over and over again in a bid to tell search bots that your content copy has it all for search engine users. It is no more a valid method rather is considered a spammy action by search engines. Search bots have been designed in such a way nowadays that they can easily identify that you are manipulating search engine rankings. That is why it has been said several times by Google and other search engine companies that keyword stuffing should be prohibited at all means. Valuable content with a fair density of keywords in blog posts matters most to search engine nowadays.

Webmasters and publishers who still employ keyword stuffing, which is a kind of an outdated technique, have no chance to get their content placed in top SERP’s. It has been declared an unethical SEO practice. Search engines are smart enough to judge or interpret the nature of your content. Google, particularly is very strict against this practice. Google uses certain parameters to make a judgement on the relevancy of your content. If your content is found valuable that means serving the needs of users, it will surely succeed to find a place in higher positions. Whenever you try to embed a keyword in your content, make sure to keep its density around 4%. It is an ideal percentage to boost rankings of your content in the search engines.


You might not have known it yet that keyword stuffing can lead your blogging career into destruction. It is because scaterring of too many keywords within an article doesn’t make it useful for users rather converts into something called awkward content that is liked by none to read. It is a common sense when users face awkward content, they skip it and when they skip it, search engines drop it from rankings.

It is even possible that overuse of a keyword can get your blog a plenty and the taste of plenty hurts and is brutal as you lose customers which in turn makes you lose money. So, at last, always try to use keyword in an adequate number and never ring alarm bell of search engines by overdoing it.

Keyword Stuffing Meaning and Consequences

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