Keyword Stuffing Meaning

One of the key search engine optimization practice is to use right number of keywords in your posts, blogs, webpages etc. When a keyword is overloaded in a post with an intention to gain search engine rankings, it is called as keyword stuffing.


Those days are gone when web designers used to overload keywords for getting higher search engine rankings. It is considered a spam-my action or an illegal practice nowadays. Those who still employ this outdated technique will no longer be placed in top SERP’s as it has been declared an unethical SEO practice by search engines.

Search engines have now become smart enough to interpret the content. Google in particular has become very strict against this practice. Google uses certain factors to judge the relevancy of your content. If your content is catered to the needs of a user, then only it has the chance to get the higher rankings.  Whenever you include a keyword in your articles, keep its density up to 4 percent. This percentage will help you to boost the search engine rankings.


It is a common sense when we scatter too many keywords in our articles, it creates some type of awkward content which obviously nobody likes to read. When users do not like these articles, why would search engines rank these pieces of stuff? In short, if your articles are not relevant or in other words are useless, the search will never give them a place in top page results.

Keyword Stuffing Meaning

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