Lululemon Franchise Cost & Opportunities

Just a couple of days back we were requested by a Yarmouth Nova Scotia, Canada based Nick Dorrington to provide him information about Lululemon franchise. It was a mail request in which he asked how he could open a Lululemon franchise in his province and how much expenditure including costs and fees is required to get him started. Further, he had asked about the procedure for opening a Lululemon franchise.

Q: Hello! my name is Nick Dorrington and i live in Yarmouth Nova Scotia, Canada. I am eager to open a Lululemon franchise unit in my province, so i would like to get the complete information for my following questions:

  • What is the procedure to open a Lululemon franchise unit?
  • How much startup cost & fees does it involve to own a Lululemon franchise?

A: Hi! Nick Dorrington. As you may know that Lululemon is very popular in making athletic clothes for yoga, running, work outs and other sweaty pursuits. The company makes a range of athletic wear that includes performance shirts, shorts, and pants, lifestyle apparel and yoga accessories.


Back in  1998 Chip Wilson laid down the foundation of company at  Vancouver, Canada and in 2001, Lululemon started selling yoga wear. Lululemon at present owns more than 90 stores, out of which 40 stores operate in Canada, 38 stores in United States and near around 8 stores in Australia

There are no franchising opportunities made available by Lululemon as of now as the company is focused on continuing its expansion through corporate stores only. You can yourself verify the franchising details by visiting their official website –


Total initial franchise startup cost to open a Lululemon franchise unit: NA

Total initial franchise fees to own a Lululemon franchise unit in your area: NA

Total Liquid Capital required for opening a Lululemon Franchise unit: NA

Lululemon Franchise Cost & Opportunities

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