Mesolithic Age: Meaning & Characteristics

The age that has succeeded old stone age, also called Paleolithic age has been termed as mesolithic age. It has also been named as microlithic age since it is a transitional age between the Paleolithic and Neolithic age. The geologists as well as archaeologits have put this age between 8000 BC and 4000 BC. BC represents before Chirst.

The Mesolithic period is technologically chracterised by mircoliths or in simple words small pointed and sharped stone tools were in massive use. Adamgarh Madhya Pradesh and Bagar in Rajasthan provides the earliest evidence for the domestication of animals like cow, horse, and other poultry and farm animals. Sites like Bhimbetka, Adamgarh, Patap-garh, and Mirzapur are rich in Mesolithic art and Paintings.


The main characteristics of Mesolithic age or period are as explained under:

Tools and implements: The people who lived Mesolithic age continued the use of stone made tools of Paleolithic period. However, a new advancement was made as they added some tools made from bones and ivory. However, tools which were made by them used to have a small size. The widely used tools included knives, blades, chisels, spares, daggers, burins, etc that were all made of stones and bones.

Food and Dress:-Their food that was eaten by people of Mesolethic period were both meat and vegetables. They were hunters and at the same food gatherers. Their food comprised of wild fruits, fish, honey, tortoise, dear, reindeer, wild roots. Mesolithic people used the skin of hunted animals like the Paleolithic people to cover the bodies.

Houses: They did not make any advancment as far as their housing is concerned as they still dwelled in the ordinary houses of branches and grass and caves.

Religion: Nothing can be said with authority regarding the religion of Mesolithic people. However, the crouching posture of the skeleton discovered that they buried their dead bodies in red ocher.

Art: Numerous paintings of man and animals are found during the Mesolithic period. These paintings reflecting various human activities like hunting, fishing, sexual union, childbirth, burial ceremony etc

Mesolithic Age: Meaning & Characteristics

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