6 Reasons Not to Drink Alcohol

Alcohol production and consumption have been in the life of mankind since centuries. Undoubtedly people of the present time are highly educated and mature enough to understand the damages of addictions. But despite being educated, we are still the slaves of addictions including alcoholism.

Alcoholism is a drug addiction in which a person becomes a habitual consumer of alcoholic liquor. Alcoholism affects as much as 67% of our country’s population. People drink both foreign and locally produced alcohol. Alcohol consumption is predominant in both rural and urban regions.

Drinking alcohol has no good for our society. The WHO body considers alcohol as the first drug which kills more people than other drugs in the world.

Some religions have done a great deal of job to ban drinking alcohol for its followers. Islam doesn’t permit Muslims to drink alcohol and that being the reason why more than 80% of the Muslim population doesn’t drink alcohol worldwide. It was banned in view of its severe harmful effects on the lives of people and societies.

Likewise, Christianity, the religion of Christian followers, even banned drinking alcohol but unfortunately, the message has a little impression on its followers. More than 80% of Christian followers drink alcohol.

Judaism, another Abrahamic religion doesn’t seem to be having any effect on its followers. Even though it has a clear message about alcohol, yet they drink it.   

Here are five reasons why we advise you and others not to drink alcohol.

Health effect

The first target of alcoholism is your health. Drinking alcohol damages your liver cells and you know the liver is the vital organ of the human body which has a very important role in food digestion. Damage to liver means the problem indigestion which in turn affects your health. It puts your life in the line of death. Beyond the liver, your psychological condition gets misbalanced as well by drinking alcohol.

Financial effect

The treatment of a damaged liver requires hefty costs. You might have to die in the absence of sufficient money for treatment. Your wealth has to vanish steadily in order to meet the treatment expenses. In other words, it is very much possible that you could lose your savings, property, land and other important financial assets of your life.

Work effect

When you are drunk, you won’t be able to work properly and with concentration. You will steadily lose interest in your daily work and hence you no more will have sufficient work production.

Life effect

Your life is precious but drinking alcohol can make you an easy target for death. For example, driving while being drunk could meet a road accidents. Your end result could possibly be a death. That is why drinking while driving is a serious crime almost in every country of the world.

Family disputes

Family disputes can potentially take birth out of your alcoholism. Being drunk might compel you to fight with your family members.

Behind the bars

You may also end up behind bars or jail because of alcoholism. When you are drunk, you may get involved in rapes and other serious public crimes.

6 Reasons Not to Drink Alcohol

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