10 Reasons All Private Transport should be Banned

There was a time when made had to use bullock carts, horse carts for travel and transport purposes. Animals mainly bulls, donkeys and horses were flogged to run them. Then came the time of trains and buses, a great relief was given to the animals on one hand and traveling, on the other hand, was made comfortable.

Private transport is the latest addition that resulted due to some irregularities of public transport such as a long time waiting at bus stands & railways stations and overcrowding paved the way for private transport.

While there is no doubt about the fact that private transport gave people access to fast and convenient means of journeys, at the same time have proved harmful to our health, wealth and most importantly our natural environment. We think it is not worth using private vehicles and should be banned forever because of the following ten reasons.

  1. Traffic jams: The advent of private vehicles has led to an increase in traffic jams. Even the pedestrians¬†experience difficulty while walking on sidewalks. Traffic jams could be avoided to a large extent when private won’t be allowed on the roads. Long time waits will subsequently end and people will reach their desired destinations on time.
  2. Parking space: Parking space could also be easily saved and maximized since there arise any problem of vehicle jumbling.
  1. Pollution: Pollution level could be brought down as there would be fewer automobile exhausts and pollutants released in the atmosphere. The ill-effects of both air and noise pollution could be largely prevented.
  2. Health: Human health could be saved from small to life-threatening diseases like lung cancer that arise out the vehicular exhaust.
  3. Fares: Fares charged in public transport will automatically come down.
  4. Employment: Employment will consequently increase after banning private transport. More people will be willing to keep and drive various means of public transport.
  5. Maintenance: Maintenance charges will be saved that otherwise go on maintaining a private vehicle. There would be no worry about money that goes for fuel and car maintenance.
  6. Sociability: People will socialize by means of public transport. Worries and psychological tension of people will reduce and hence a good healthy life.
  7. Rubber: The exploitation of rubber for private transport tires will stop and hence natural resources will have less effect.
  8. Wealth: The savings of people will increase as expenditure on buying private transport will decrease. It will consequently increase the accumulation of wealth. An increase in wealth will enable people to live a good life.
10 Reasons All Private Transport should be Banned

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