Top 10 Recycling Business ideas in India

This objective of this comprehensive article is to highlight some business ideas and opportunities available in our recycling industry for those aspiring entrepreneurs who want to provide protection to our environment from various environmental threats like as global warming, pollution, landfill dumping issues etc and simultaneously aim to make respectable income by starting a recycling business.

Why Recycling is Important? 

Recycling is enormously important for the sustainability of life on this green planet earth. The increase in global warming, pollution and landfill dumping at an alarming pace in the last 4-5 decades is one of the serious headache human beings are concerned about. Environmental forecasters state that “very soon our green planet might not support life to exist if initiatives are not taken to reduce these environmental threats”.

Although environmentalists are already engaged in devising techniques to put a seal on these environmental issues but the recycling process among-est all has been found to be the most effective way that can make our planet earth to sustain life for a longer period of time.

Well, whatever the form of recyclables is – whether it is rubber, plastic, paper etc all of these discarded items are dangerous to our environment. So maximum focus should be put on setting up more and more recycling initiatives(plants or centers) in order to save our environment from next big boil.

Now, let’s understand how starting a recycling business is a profitable en-devour?

Is recycling Business Profitable?

An initiative of converting discarded consumer & industrial goods into reusable forms and then selling these fresh items to people at a profit is called as recycling business. Is recycling business truly highly lucrative? Yes it is, because – costs that incur in manufacturing goods from fresh raw material are higher compared to those goods that are manufactured from discarded items.

Besides the involvement of low costs in manufacturing fresh products from discarded items, waste disposal is still a major headache for both common man as well as to the environmentalist. By the way, here are top 10 recycling business ideas and opportunities that still remain unexploited to their fullest in world wide recycling industry:

1. E-Waste Recycling Business

Electronic waste or simply e-wastes are the discarded electronic gadgets like laptops, cameras, computers, mobile phones, printers etcThese items lie in abundance in our homes, backyards, neighborhoods etc.

If you pay some notice, you can collect them from your homes and local households in your area, store in your storage space and drop off to the recycling plants in your city and thus make money by starting your own electronic recycling business.

2. Aluminium Cans Recycling Business

If you haven’t the required money to start aluminium recycling business at a large scale, you can still make high profits by collecting aluminium cans from commercial areas and local households and later selling to nearest recycling firms at a profit.

3. Scrap metals recycling Business

You can see scrap metals scattered everywhere. Putting some efforts in collecting these items and later dispatching to the recycling firms would make you make enough cash by starting a scrap recycling business.

4. Paper Recycling Business

Starting a paper recycling business is another opportunity that can offer you to make huge income. Papers in the form of newspapers, discarded books, etc can be seen in our homes, backyards, shelves etc. Just collect, store and later sell to vast number of paper recycling plants in your area.

5. Plastic Recycling Business

Plastic disposal is the serious headache of human beings. Since it releases high toxins in our atmosphere making it get more devastating.Remaining still the major issue, aspiring entrepreneurs can make lot of money by gathering and selling discarded plastic items such as bottle, bags etc to recycling plants.

6. Rubber recycling Business

Starting a rubber recycling business is another opportunity for aspiring one’s who are stuffed with discarded rubber items such as used tires and hence want to make money by selling these items to rubber recycling plants. Industry is booming and thus you have the huge potential of turning this initiative to a billion dollar business.

7. Cooking oil filtration & recycling

Hotels, restaurants, local dabbas incur high costs in purchasing fresh cooking oils. To help these entities to lower down costs and let yourself make some commission, you can simply offer them the service of filtering wastes from cooking oil and making it reusable for them.

8. Garbage recycling business

Instead of going to large landfills, you can simply earn high income by starting a garbage recycling business. Collecting garbage from street bins and other sources and then selling it to nearest recycling plants is still majorly an unexploited business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

9. Sawdust recycling business

The product of wood that comes out after cutting, grinding, drilling, sanding of wood. You can sell it to furniture making businesses to fill the wood holes, defects and particleboard and hence earn high amount of money.

10. Recycling house items

This is one such area that remain highly unexploited. Old furniture, carpets etc lying in our homes has been paid less attention. Gathering these home items and selling them to recycling companies is really an initiative of generating a respectable income.

Top 10 Recycling Business ideas in India

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