Reflection of Light Explained with Examples

The reflection of light is an important concept all children have to study during their secondary school days. It isn’t as difficult as you think to understand the meaning of reflection. Reflection of light is all about the return of light rays from an opaque object. All those objects which don’t allow the passing of light through them are said to be opaque objects. For example, stones, books, bags, etc. are all opaque objects as they return back light when it falls on them.

We humans and all other living creatures with eyes are able to see a variety of objects around us. It is made possible by the source and reflection of light. When we enter a dark room, we are unable to see anything in that room. However, when we put on power bulbs, all things present in the room become visible. It is actually the phenomenon of light reflection that makes us able to see them.

Light comes to us from a variety of sources. However, sunlight is the main and only source of light during the day while as electricity helps us vision around during the night. The source of light is important otherwise there would be no reflection of light taking place in our world. For example in the absense of sunlight, we will have no

Reflection of Light Explained with Examples

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