Retargeting Explained: Definition, Meaning & Examples

Did you ever notice when you visit a website or a blog and then jump to other site, the ads of previous site start popping upon on new website. Suppose you are looking for a marketing book on After checking and reviewing the product, you move to fill your address details. Due to some reason you leave the site without completing the transaction. Now you search out the other portal offering the same book, once you land on it, the ads of start popping up on the new book portal with an amazing discount offer on the same book you showed the interest for.


Retargeting can be defined as the method of inviting a user(with the help of an ad) who previously showed interest in a company’s product or services.


The purpose of re-marketing is very simple. It is based on the assumption that it is easier to convert a user who has visited the website before rather than following or converting a new user or viewer.


Suppose you want to buy a book on Once you visit amazon store in order to buy a book but due to some reason, you leave the site and land on another website. As soon as you open this new site, an ad of Amazon is displayed on this site to re-invite you for book purchase you had shown the interest on This technique is referred to as retargeting or remarketing in the digital discipline.


As soon as you open the site of Amazon, a cookie is being dropped on the hard disk of your device such as a computer. This cookie helps in capturing the IP address and your behavior. Later when you leave the site without taking any action, the captured information is used to understand your actions. When you open up another website, you will see an ad of amazon there offering you some discounts or benefits in order to capture your interest.

Retargeting Explained: Definition, Meaning & Examples

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