5 Rights Our Elderly People Deserve in their Old Age

We in the garb of our career development and marriage life forget to take a proper care of our elderly people. We in the garb of our selfishness neglect their rights. They have become a burden on us. We must realise the fact that it were they who did everything to brought us up and get us educated and married.

Elderly includes people who have lost their capability to take care of themselves due to aging. They might be our parents, grandfather and mother. They deserve a proper care until their last breath because we must not forget their pain and hardships they faced during our childhood.

If we keep on neglecting their rights, we will be facing the same when we get old. If we take care of them, we will be taken care by our children when we become elderly.

Here are all those rights our elderly people deserve in their old age.

  1. Right for food: Elderly need to be given as proper and adequate food as we give ourselves on time. Be it breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they should be part of it.
  2. Right for clothing: We should be buying them as good and quality clothes as we buy for ourselves.
  3. Right for medicine: They should be taken to doctor whenever they complain about any health issue. Remember, our elderly couldn’t sleep whenever we felt sick in our childhood.
  4. Right for care: They should be given as proper care as we give ourselves. We must not forget that our parents sacrificed sleepy nights and days to take care of us when we were children. Help them with bath, nail trimming etc.
  5. Right for vacations: Most often we tend to take our wife and children for vacations and forgetting elderly. Even they need refreshment and enjoyment.

It is not impossible to take care of our careers and our elderly at the same time. We can comfortably do both activities simultaneously on the condition we realise what they have done for us when we were young. We can ask for our wives to do the same in the time of our absence. Install values of respect, help and care in the minds of our children so that they also follow our actions.

Our actions influence children and if we take care of our elderly properly, we will be noticed by our children and we reach the stage of our elderliness, they will return us the favor.

5 Rights Our Elderly People Deserve in their Old Age

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