Role of Technology in Foeticide

It is because of rigorous efforts of science that mankind is able to know so many hidden facts including fetus inside the womb. There is nothing wrong in using the technology for checking the condition of a foetus inside the uterus. However, it becomes a curse when we use it for checking the gender of a foetus.

Many people end the life of a female child inside the womb for one or the other reason. Those who do such a crime are worse than animals. In fact, there is no difference between them and demons. They are the murderers and the murderers have a defined place in jails. We need to wash away our mentality against the female child. They whether male or female need to be equal importance by the families.

Nonetheless, you must be aware of the fact that the advent of technology has one side brought convenience to humans but on the other side, it has paved humans away for injustice towards particular sex especially female children. 

Foeticide is an illegal practice wherein the fetus inside the womb of pregnant women is aborted. Foeticide is predominantly being practiced in India where the birth of a female child is considered just a liability.

In a society where a girl is viewed just a liability, not an asset, female foeticide has increased since technology like sonographer has given us access to know that the child expected is going to be a girl. We cannot ban the use of technology for such a purpose. We actually have to change our mentality. Both male and female children are two fruits. The world won’t run without female sex and neither would it in the absence of male counterpart. Both are equally required for the continuation of the human race on planet earth. Both have a role to play to sustain the life of humans on earth. If we can do anything about it is that we need to change our demonic mentality which unfortunately has corrupted the minds of mankind for centuries. Technology isn’t actually a fault but our mentality has a fault.

Role of Technology in Foeticide

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