21 Safety Rules for Working with Electrical Equipment

Cautions always help you avoid and stay safe from potential harms. They ensure you a safe environment for work and at the same time give you protection from various risks and other hazards. If you happen to be someone who works with electrical equipment, and tools, we recommend you follow properly these 21 golden rules for your safety while working with your electrical equipment.

Rule No. 1 – Workers must always stay alert, cautious, and be able to recognize dangers resulting from mishaps. They must always be reminded of the potential dangers of using their assigned electrical equipment and tools.
Rule No. 2 – Always wear electrical gloves while you work on live lines.
Rule No. 3 – Always ensure proper management of voltages. Even low voltages can potentially cause you injuries, so you must always exercise proper care while you are on your work.
Rule No. 4 – Always take the help of an authorized Electrical Supervisor while troubleshooting and making connections with higher volt circuits.
Rule No. 5 – One who’s supposed to work on or attend to electrical defects must have a permit to do the said job.
Rule No. 6 – It is important for you to work on a single wire while you work near live circuits and ensure proper insulation of all conductors that may come in touch with your body.
Rule No. 7 – Always use protective equipment while performing your important works on live circuits. Wear rubber gloves in good condition for your additional safety.
Rule No. 8 – Use proper amperage fuses as per the loads on the lines.
Rule No. 9 – Always use nonconducting ladders when attending to your electrical works.
Rule No. 10 – Insulation of wire won’t always ensure your protection from shock, you should also understand conditions at the same time.

More rules to be published shortly, come back soon.

21 Safety Rules for Working with Electrical Equipment

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