Shampoo Production Business plan

The liquid hair shampoo is a cosmetic and hair care product mainly used by ladies for washing their hair and keeping them in good condition at all times. The value cannot be underestimated. The shampoo is a very popular product. Every now and then, women go to the hair dressing saloons to condition and treat their hairs using the shampoo. So I will call it a routine product for them. Dandruff attacks and other hair dirt and disorders can be easily got rid of using the hair shampoo. All over the world, it is a widely demanded product with a high market value. That is why is readily yields a lot of profits for the makers and dealers.

However, one interesting thing about this product is that you can easily make them yourself from the comfort of your home either for personal use or for commercial trading profits. It is very simple to make the shampoo. You certainly do not have the need to procure any complex machines or undergo any sophisticated production methods. All you need are minimum inputs and you are good to go. With a very little amount of money in your hands, you can start up this business and start making a lot of money irrespective of your location. If you are in the USA, UK, India, Nigeria, Japan, France, Spain, Africa, Asia, Europe or virtually anywhere in the world you can really make magnanimous financial fortunes from this very business given the fact that it is a highly consumed product with a very attractive profit margin and potential.

Notably, Shampoo is a fashion product and as such, buyers are lady to pay any price just to have them as long as their quality is capable enough to give the desired effects to their hair and make their physical looks outstanding and attractive as well. It is less expensive to produce the shampoo and the material inputs needed for the production process are readily available in any market where chemicals are sold. Marketing your products will not be a problem at all because almost everybody knows the product. You only need to promote your own brand, get an easy market penetration with your high quality products and make a lot of money from the business.

In the light of empowering you how to become a financially independent person as soon as possible, I will go forward to teach you how to start making your shampoo and sell them off to earn your daily living. Other information marketers will as you to pay a lot of money just to have this information. But because your financial success is paramount to me, I will be sharing the full information here free of charge. My greatest joy will be to see you succeed and become a fulfilled person. Stop wandering all over the city streets in search of a multi-billion dollar worth job when it is right here before you waiting for you to take an action.

Whether you are a University graduate or not, you can conveniently venture into this business and make a lot of money for yourself and your family doing it. Be productive, start your own business today and become your own boss. Before you know it, you will become an employer of labour.

Now, it is high time I showed you how to produce the high quality shampoo by yourself. Enough of the long talks. For your shampoo production business, you will need to have the following basic chemical inputs available in their standard proportions as follows:

• 2.5 Kilograms of Soda Ash

• 1.55 Kilograms of Sodium Sulphate (S.L.S). This will serve as the foaming agent for your shampoo.

• 2 Kilograms of Nitrosol. This will serve as the thickening agent.

• 5 Kilograms of the Sulphonic Acid

• 0.1 Kilogram of the EDTA substance

• 0.40 Kilogram of Citric Acid

• 0.20 Kilogram of Glycerine

• 0.20 Kilogram of Methyl Paraben

• A sufficient quantity of Colourant

• A sufficient quantity of the Industrial perfume to give the shampoo a desired sweet fragrance.

• 73 Kilograms of Water.

Buy these chemicals from a seller in a nearby market where chemicals are being sold. They are very affordable materials. So there is no need for you to start worrying about high costs of production. Also, they are readily available in the global markets and in abundant quantities too. As soon as you buy them, please handle them safely as you take them to your production floor so as to avoid having them cause untold hazards to life, properties and the environment. Remember, they are chemicals are naturally not edible and friendly. Now, go to your production floor and start producing your shampoo by carefully following these steps:

• Firstly, soak the Soda Ash in a container and also soak the Sodium Sulphate in another container. Leave both of them to ferment for a complete 24 hour period.

• Also, Soak the Nitrosol in a different container for a period of 48 hours so that it can ferment properly. You do this only if you are using a powdered thickener for your production. The implication is that you have to take this step 24 hours before you take the steps in the process above.

• Now, pour the Sulphonic acid into the Soda Ash solution and mix them together properly.

• Get another empty container and dissolve the ETDA inside it with enough quantity of water.

• At this stage, mix the Soda Ash-Sulphonic Solution, the dissolved thicker and the dissolved ETDA together and stir the mixture properly.

• Use the PH meter and check the PH value of the mixture so as to determine whether it is alkaline, acidic or saline / neutral. However, the ideal PH Value for the shampoo ranges from 7.0 to 8.0. If it is above this range, you will need to reduce the value to the required value by adding a little quantity of citric acid. And if it is below the standard value range, add a little quantity of the Soda Ash Solution. Continue with this process until you get the normal PH value for the mixture. This is a very critical stage of the production process. If the PH value is too high, it will burn and wound the users of the shampoo. If it is lower than the required value then, it will not be a high quality and effective shampoo. Take a very good note of this.

• Proceed by adding the soaked Sodium Sulphate solution to the mixture and stir it properly so that it can get mixed evenly.

• Add the Glycerine and stir.

• Also add the Methyl Paraben and stir properly.

• Dissolve any colourant of your choice in water, add it little by little to the mixture and stir it as you do so until you achieve an equal distribution of the colour within the mixture.

• Add your industrial perfume to give the shampoo a good fragrance and stir the mixture very well too.

• Allow the mixture to cool and get set for a few minutes. Then, smile because you have just produced your high quality shampoo.

• Carefully measure it bit by bit into your branded and well-designed packaging containers. Seal them up air-tightly and market them to your target customers to generate sales revenue and make huge profits from the business.

Sell at good profit margins that will cover up your production costs and give you maximum returns on your investments of time, efforts and money. Take your products to hair dressing saloons, events and ceremony venues, offices, households, schools, churches, hotels, restaurants, workshops, meetings, seminars, business spots, supermarkets, fashion markets, local markets and even export them to international merchants if you have the capacity to do so. These and more are your target customers. Find out more of them and bring more marketing prospects for your business.

Advertise your brand through various cost-effective means including the newspapers, radios, televisions, magazines, banners, billboards, posters, signposts, fliers among other good promotional media channels. This will help you to get more paying customers that will buy your products frequently. Offer high quality products to them and they will even invite their friends to buy from you. Grant periodic incentives, discounts and gifts so as to keep your customers motivated and happy with you. Encourage them and be a friendly chap. Enlarge your consumer base with time, grow your business name and make a lot of money from your shampoo business.

As you get more money from the establishment, consider getting yourself a permanent shop or office in a strategic area so that you can get more visible and noticed by people. Establish more branches and if possible, build a shampoo production plant and run the business on a larger scale basis bearing in mind that bigger investments goes with mega synergized returns. Register a business name and incorporate your company with the relevant authorities in your location. In places like Nigeria, you can easily register your own company through the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Also, find out if there is any body regulating the production, marketing and distribution of shampoo, hair care, fashion and cosmetics products in your area. If they exist, identify your business and brands with the agencies so as to gain full approval, authorization, global acceptance and an improved corporate image with which to propel your business profitably into the foreseeable future.

Find out more technical issues and information about this business from a well-experienced shampoo producer and dealer and you will be given the right tips with which to form your business strategies that will help you to out-perform your competitors, become a proven authority in the field and make a lot of money doing the lucrative shampoo production and marketing business.

Shampoo Production Business plan

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