Haadi’s Solarhot Solar Water Heater

Domestic capacity: Easy availability of 100, 200, 300, 500, etc capacities LPD for domestic purposes

Commercial capacity: Unlimited capacity for commercial purposes.

Maintenance services: Free of cost maintenance upto one year from the date of installation.

Area delivery: Free of cost delivery in almost all areas of Bangalore city.

Installation services: Cost free installation services provided to all customers.

Product price: Contact our buyer support team using a phone call or Whatsapp chat.



Salient Features:

  • Best Solution for your hard water applications.
  • High quality polymer material built hot water storage tank for obtaining quality water.
  • Proves economically viable and efficient performer even during the harsh winter season.
  • No match for reliability, and most importantly requires low maintenance.
  • Designed for all applications whether homes, hospitals, hostels, and even for industries.
  • We make 100, 200, 300, 500, etc LPD for domestic applications and no capacity limit for commercial use
  • Enjoy 5 years warranty against all manufacturing defects, however, we don’t offer any warranty for glass tubes.
Haadi’s Solarhot Solar Water Heater


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