Sports Business ideas for Athletes & Sports Fans

There is no truth in the saying that sports industry is all about selling tickets to sports fans and equipment to sports enthusiants. It was true a decade ago when there were less people to watch games and participate in playing games. This industry has changed a lot since that time. Today it holds the great prospect to accommodate thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs and millions of job seekers around the world.

Moreover the penetration of internet and smart phones have also played a great role in changing the landscape of the sports industry. You can now create games and sell them online instantly. You can have a blog and share your experience,tips and advice with millions of sports lovers on internet.

You can now provide real time updates about ongoing sports events, people do not need to stick to their Televisions at home anymore as they can now watch their favorite games on their mobile phones and much more has taken place in sports industry since internet and mobile phones became indispensable parts of our lives.

As the industry in the past continued to head towards where it is now today, it has also experienced a tough competition with time and these days it is much stiffer. But no matter how stiffer the competition may be in today’s sports industry, these 10 business ideas or opportunities are still yet to be exploited to their fullest:


As long as we have the people(mostly youngsters) engaging themselves in different sports games, activities and events such as soccer, cricket, football etc the need for sports goods will always exist in them. Before you put yourself to work with this business, it is important that you find out which sports game or activity people love to play in your locality.

Once you get to know which is being loved in your area, analyze how many competitors exist there that sell sports goods to them. If the competition is low, then obviously you have good chances of making good living and in case it is higher think how differentiated you need be in order to stand out in the crowd.


Go back to your childhood memories and recall what was it that you used to play with. Playing around with toys is always exciting for kids. Kids can stop eating but when it comes playing with toys, then won’t ever leave it. The need for sports toys will always exist within our kids.

Wherever you reside in, you’ll always get to see a vast market for sports toys. So, if your area faces low competition, then think of serving this children segment.


There’re thousands of people who read sports magazines regularly looking for information, news, guides, happenings that are specifically tailored for their interests. So, if you’ve a pretty experience in journalism, then most certain business decision you can take is to start and run your own sports magazine.


Rather just being the slave of your boss, why don’t you start and run your own sports newspaper in your area if you’re a well trained journalist and provide sports related information, latest news and happenings in the sports world to those who always are curious about sports in your locality.


Especially in countries like United States, Canada, Philippines etc where there are thousands of young enthusiasts who want to become professional basketball players, opening a basketball academy is one of the most fitting business choices for the retired professionals in these countries.


Providing this type of service demands that you’ve great skills of constructing and maintaining cricket pitches. If you have, then don’t give preference to any other business choice other than a cricket pitch construction and maintenance business.

7. Balls Manufacturing

The existence of passionate sports players will always keep the business of balls manufacturing erect in our societies. As long as they stick their selves whether with cricket, football, volleyball, soccer etc the demand for balls will always exist in them.

8. Sports Cartoons production 

Cartoons are one of the exciting things our kids love to watch on televisions or to play with. Therefore producing and selling sports cartoon movies and games such as football, rugby, wrestling, boxing players is another good choice for those who are looking for best and innovative sports business ideas these days.

9. Sports Training School 

Don’t think tapping in any other venture other than opening your own sports training school if you are an expert in any sports game. If it is the cricket that you’re experienced at, then start a cricket training school or if it is the soccer, then start a soccer training school to train those who want to become professional players in your locality.

10. Run a Snooker Bar 

Snooker over the last several years has become increasingly popular among vast number of individuals in our societies. Those who’re already running their snooker bars are really making it big from these individuals. So, if you have some investment and you aim to start a sports related business, then think of opening a snooker bar in your area.

Sports Business ideas for Athletes & Sports Fans

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