Starting a Pressure Washing Business – A Complete Guide

Some of the most profitable businesses are those that do things people don’t like to do themselves. Either people don’t have the time/energy to do something or they don’t have the tools.

Maybe they just downright don’t want to do something. This business fits right in with this group of people. Pressure washing is a very profitable business. To begin a pressure washing business, all you really need are:

  • Trailer to put your equipment on.
  • 300+ gallon water storage tank (if customer does not have a hose you can use)
  • Cleaning chemicals (siding cleaner, concrete driveway cleaner, etc)
  • Pressure washer (higher PSI “Pressure per square inch” the better as it will give better cleaning results)

Basically what you will be doing is going to customers’ homes and clean their siding, driveways, cars, boats, roofs, just about anything they want cleaned with a high pressure rinse. The entire process of cleaning with a pressure washer is very easy and it takes very little time. You can often charge $300, $500 or more for a pressure washing job, which may only take you 2-3 hours to complete.

Why do people pay that much money for a couple hour job?

1) They don’t want to do it themselves.
2) They don’t have the money to buy a $1,500 pressure washer. It just makes more economical sense to “rent” one and let you do the work for just $500.
3) They are too busy with other commitments and their time is worth more than their money.

Whatever their reason, it all adds up to a profitable, easy to run business. You can run it part time or full time, depending on your needs. If you are running a full time operation, it is highly possible to make in excess of $100,000 per year!

To market this kind of business, you just need to get the word out there. Maybe find a couple of people and offer them a discount as a new customer special. In exchange for the discount, have the customer let you use them as a reference.

Maybe take a before and after picture and use it for brochures or as a sample portfolio. Have them write a testimonial about how good your service was. Try posting ads in boat clubs or marinas. Most boat owners hate the idea of cleaning the bottoms of their boats when they take them out of the water.

The are an endless possibilities, but one thing is for sure. If you do good work and charge slightly less than your competition, you will have more business than you can handle. Once again, word of mouth advertising is huge here!

Set yourself up as a company and get some insurance in case something goes wrong while you are at a customer house and you should be in good shape.

Category Name:Home – Garden
Start Up Costs:$1,001 – $5,000
Operating Costs:$101 – $500 / month
Estimated Income:$5K – $10K / month
Time Requirements:20 hr/week
Weather (climate):All
Population Size:0 – 10,000+
Type of Location:Various
Legal Entity:LLC
Skill Level:None
Starting a Pressure Washing Business – A Complete Guide

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