Starting An Apple Orchard Business [5 Challenges]

Apple consumption whether in the form of juice or diet has increased multi fold over the years. The cause of its increasing market demand is more or less linked to the growing health issues including cancer, depression, and obesity. That is why apple production has attained so much commercial importance.

Apple market is expected to show signs of high growth in coming years. It is backed by the researches which point towards growing health problems and education which spreads awareness about its health benefits. Starting an apple orchard business is a hectic job. However, the high margin of profit attracts people to go for it. Here are four challenges you are going to face when starting an apple orchard business.

Hefty maintenance costs

The maintenance of apple trees has never been cheap affair. Hefty costs are required before, during and after the harvest period. You’ll be incurring a lot of costs while you give fertilizers, manures, and sanitisation medicines to the apple trees. In short, costs are dead scary.

  1. High protection: High protection from thieves who could steal your apples, children need to be ensured. Proper fencing needs to be ensured in order to prevent children and thieves to go into your orchard and steal your fruits. High needs of care is raised since apple fruits attract children. Animal attack and birds.
  2. Plant growth failure: Your investment could sink if your plants fail to grow or die off. There is no guarantee whether or not your apple plants will grow or die. Survive the soil conditions.
  3. Natural calamity: Even you can’t escape the attack by hail storms, heavy rains which cause damage and lead you to losses.
  4. Patience in initial years: Although high yield variety do bring fruits in a year or so but not sufficient to cover your initial costs. A couple of years need to be waited until they give fruits in abundance.
Starting An Apple Orchard Business [5 Challenges]

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