Starting your own Candle Making Business

Candles have long been an addition to any interior. They add conviviality, coziness, and especially atmosphere to any table. Many different candles can be found now. There is always a demand for such a product, so the candle making business idea is very profitable. It is quite simple to set up home production and does not require large financial investments.

There are now candles on the market with multi-colored flames. Unlike ordinary paraffin candles, during the production of such candles, melts of various salts are added to them, which gives the candles the bitterness of a multi-colored flame. If you add sodium chloride, the candle burns red, barium chloride – green, copper chloride – blue.Candles have their pros and cons. Among the advantages are the absence of odors, toxicity, fat-soot. Minus – they do not burn for long.

To make candles with multi-colored flames, you can melt wax or paraffin ones, add salt alloy to them, depending on the desired color of the fire. There are special apparatus for making, it will help you to make many candles at home in a short period of time.

In parallel, you can make ordinary candles. If you do not have a lot of capital, then start a business with the production of household items, and over time expand the business by adding candles with decor to the assortment .

You can even sell goods from home through online stores, rent a point in the market, open a small store.

Starting your own Candle Making Business

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