Starvation to Haunt Future Generations: Analysis and Solutions

If the human population continues to grow at the current pace, there will be a time in the future when people will be haunted by the starvation problem.

Here we bring to your attention the starvation problem and the best possible solutions to deal with it in the future.

The starvation word is dead scray. Nobody wishes to hear it and become its victim. Starvation is a term that refers to a situation when hungry people have non-availability of food to eat. It could be a reality in the future given the ever-growing population of humans in the world. The logic to understand why starvation will haunt future generations is simple. An increase in the number of people means there will be a lot of pressure on using natural resources. When resources will decrease, starvation will be the result.

The starvation will eventually have negative consequences on human life. People will fight for food, the robbery will increase and in the end, the world will lead towards the destruction.

You know the fact that the human population is widening and becoming massive day by day. The discovery of medicine and drugs have on the one hand improved the health conditions of people, on the other hand, it has lead to an increase in population.

The growing population means there will be a shortage of food in the near future since lands are being used for construction. There will be a time when resources especially land for cultivation will perish. Starvation will lead to wars. The strong nations will prey on weaker ones for food. Food will be a big problem like terrorism is for today’s world.

Sustainable solutions are required that would check land flogging for construction works on one hand and on the other will ensure zero impact on the environment. A balance between the use and impact of resources has to be achieved.

Multi storey buildings, mixed cropping and off course organic farming are some of the very solutions, but not everlasting, that may help people in future in containing the starvation problem.

Multi-storeyed buildings

When we construct multi-storeyed buildings, we are assured less exploitation of land for construction works. While the growth of nuclear families may be difficult to control, they will live in single buildings with multi-stories and floors. However, the need for that time would be the production and use of materials that will ensure strong concrete buildings.

Mixed cropping

Mixed cropping is yet another good solution to stay away from starvation. A number of crops, cereals, pulses, etc. should be cultivated at a time. Every single fertile land should be exposed to the concept of mixed cropping. For instance, there are some cereals that can be grown with the paddy crop. The end result would be land protection from over-exploitation.

Organic farming

Organic farming would be much needed in the time to be seen by future generations. The practice of organic farming will ensure land protection from the infertility problem while they use compost manures and other forms that are very less harmful as they add no pollution.  

Starvation to Haunt Future Generations: Analysis and Solutions

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