Television is Killing Our Sociability

Man by nature is a social being, one who lives, and interacts in a group. A person who interacts regularly with his neighbours, friends, relatives, etc. remains does not lose touch with humanity, care, respect, and other social benefits. Moreover, sociability makes a person be less affected by mental disturbances. On the other hand, living in isolation gives rise to mental disturbances which leads to many health, and unethical issues.

Our mind achieves piece when it shares thoughts, ideas, and experiences with others. Similarly like a person who achieves happiness while sharing whatever he has with needy ones. That sharing gives him a peaceful mind.

Ever since television was adopted by people, man has lost connection with others. Hence has pushed himself into isolation. Sugar, kidney failure, psyche problems are the result of isolation. Television has cut our connection with our neighbours, relatives, friends etc.

We have lost capacity for love, sharing, caring etc. like characteristics that were bestowed by God on us. A person, who lives in isolation gets involved in various bad activities since he has nothing to do and on the contrary a person living in groups gets his mind busy with others, hence gives no space to the tension to occupy.

Even a highly tensed person can relive his tension or mental disturbance while getting involved in tension. Pressure problems that we see today are the result of isolation. Group involvement is a treatment for many diseases but unfortunately we have lost the capacity to realise it.

Issues with neighbour also rise due to isolation, leading to serious crimes. A person who is in a constant touch with his neighbour will never give such issues chance to emerge.

While television has become important communication medium in that it keeps up updated with latest happenings but when we use it for overly, it kills our sociability.

Sociability also makes us learn about humanity while as isolation makes us cruel. A brutal behaviour develops in us when we are isolated. We become self-centred no matter what happens to others living around us. We just care about us, which is not good for a society. Sociability favours good health as our interaction with others relaxes our mind. Television has made us isolated from our friends, relatives etc. That results in the loss of touch with humanity, care, respect and other things.

Television is Killing Our Sociability

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