The Dangerous Reality of Global Warming

The increase in tsunami and floods in coastal areas, rock avalanches in hilly regions, and decrease in the availability of fresh water and water flow in rivers are some of the commonly experienced consequences of global warming on mankind.

The proverb which says as you sow, so shall you reap fits well with our behavior towards our environment. Our actions have done a lot of damage to our atmosphere. We burn wood, coal, kerosene, petrol, etc. without realizing their consequences on our atmosphere.

There is no doubt in the fact that the utilization of these fuels whether in our homes, automobiles or in commercial factories has made our life become better. But on the other hand, they have disturbed the balance of our atmosphere by releasing pollutants.

Pollutants are unwanted substances released in the atmosphere. Pollutants may be gaseous or particulate. The main pollutant coming out of factories, homes, and vehicles is the carbon dioxides, hence increasing its quantity in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is used by plants whether trees, shrubs or herbs for synthesizing food.

The sad fact is that man cuts plants for setting up industries, and farmlands. When plants decrease more than the increase in carbon dioxide generation, it leads to an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. The increase in the CO2 gas in our atmosphere eventually pushes us towards the dangerous reality of global warming.

When the radiant energy of the sun reaches the surface of the earth, it warms up the surface of the earth and oceans. The excessiveness in the warmth of the surface causes the heat to radiate back to space. However, the suspended CO2 gas molecules absorb some heat radiated back by the surface of the earth, thus we feel an increase in the temperature.

An increase in the atmospheric temperature causes our solar caps to melt , and hence the oceans to rise which eventually leads to tsunami or flooding of coastal areas, glaciers in hilly regions are melted down, hence flooding in plane areas. Water flow in rivers and streams decreases by the melting of glaciers. The decrease in water flow in rivers gives rise to a decrease in freshwater. 

The Dangerous Reality of Global Warming

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