The Impact of Growing Nuclear Families

A nuclear family as per the definition refers to a group consisting of husband, his wife, and their unmarried children. Nuclear families are apparently short in size. A nuclear family at the minimum consists of three members – husband, wife, and a child. Nuclear family grows in size when more children are born.

Nuclear families are constantly rising in number both in cities and villages. Of the many factors, modernisation drives members of a family to take up different occupations, leading to the unequal earnings. When working members of a family bring in different earnings, disputes are bound to rise, thus leading them towards separation. A brother becomes intolerant towards opinions of his other brothers. Such issues are very difficult for the family heads to resolve.

Nuclear families on one hand provide a permanent solution for ending family disputes but on the other hand, they tend to put a lot of pressure on our resources especially land, and agricultural produce that are already very short in availability. Land gets exploited for new constructions which limit our access to the adequate quantity of food. If nuclear families continue to rise with the current pace, our future generations won’t have land for cultivation or suffer from land, and food crisis.

Nuclear family also avoids taking care of elderly as well as young members. They are better looked after well in joint families, which unfortunately are constantly losing their relevance with time. Revitalising the concept of joint families is one of the proven strategies that could work out the problem of nuclear families. Inducing values that tend to strengthen the bond of living together have to be identified. Lessons that stress on living in joint families have to be imparted by the parents to their children.

There is less chance of nuclear families where members of a family go for one occupation. Occupationally they remain bonded together. The other solution that might reduce the problem of nuclear families is the construction of multi-storied buildings. Population control is the third but an unfavorable method to bring down the number of nuclear families.

The Impact of Growing Nuclear Families

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