Why Sustainable Agriculture is Important

Food serves a defined purpose; it provides our bodies energy, growth and helps in staying away from diseases. It contains a number of essential nutrients including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Carbohydrates give us energy, proteins build our body size, vitamins and minerals make our immune system strong enough to fight diseases.

Human population is increasing and so does the need for more food. We need to grow availability of more food to feed the stomachs of ever increasing population. In contrast, the availability of land per capita is shrinking. We are also not in a position to clear remaining forests for acquiring land for cultivation.

Sustainable agriculture is perhaps the best solution that will help in feeding the future generation and at the same time preserving our environment from further damage. It won’t snatch the rights of generations who are yet to open their eyes in our world. It doesn’t either generate pollutants not does it lead to deforestation at the expense of agricultural cultivation.

Sustainable agriculture helps mankind to prevent air, water, and soil from pollutants on one hand and the other hand feed the growing population of human beings. There won’t be any problem of starvation of humans in the future. Land exploitation for agriculture purpose will decrease. We can shift its use for construction works. There won’t even be the problem of soil erosion. Soil fertility will be preserved.

There are hell lot of benefits we can discuss about sustainable agriculture. 

Why Sustainable Agriculture is Important

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