6 Ways to Protect yourself from Coronavirus

The Coronavirus outbreak has put every one of us in a difficult time. The situation is so brutal that almost all of us fear for our lives. We all are adopting different ways to protect ourselves from the deadly epidemic. The virus has so far killed thousands of people around the world and left many more thousands of infected and constantly victimizing people in the world. We have no vaccine and no other treatment to deactivate the virus except hope and precautions.

Here are six ways you can use to stay safe and untouched by the deadly Coronavirus.

Maintain social distance

Maintain social distance, WHO recommends 1 meter, from others. Don’t make the mistake of getting closer to people who you see coughing and sneezing a lot. You should also keep a distance from people who seem to be uninfected because you don’t know with whom they socialize. Social distancing is the best of many other precautions you should be adopting otherwise you could become a victim of the COVID-19 epidemic. Don’t show any lazy behavior as the virus infection can be life threatening.

Wear a mask

While it would be good to stay as much as possible inside your home, use a mask while you go out of your home. Again keep a distance from others if you go shopping, healthcare or any other place. Don’t remove your mask even if you may need to since one mistake can prove fatal to your and other’s health in your family.

Wash your hands

Whenever you return home, make sure to wash your hands while using sanitizer or soap for two to three minutes. Make washing your hands a daily routine at your workplace as well. Not only you get rid of dirt but will be able to avail safe eating of meals and drinking of water and juices.

Stay home stay safe

The best precaution that has proved beneficial in containing the Coronavirus to a great extent is staying at your home. Being at home means you won’t be at the risk of getting infected. You will surely get bored while sitting at home but it could be your chance to spend time with your family and do other home activities.

Home quarantine

If you have returned back to your home after a very long period of time, just home quarantine yourself for around a month. Keep yourself in isolation in a separate room and don’t go near to or tell your family members to stay as distant as possible. The symptoms could arise anytime, even in some cases, some have developed symptoms after 18 days. Even don’t touch the belongings of your family members.

Visit a nearby healthcare

If you experience any kind of symptoms like fever, runny nose, etc, don’t ignore it rather rush to your nearby hospital for diagnosis and treatment. These symptoms may not necessarily be due to Coronavirus infection but there is nothing wrong with going for a checkup.

In conclusion, let all get-together and break the chain of Coronavirus while adopting precautions since the days when a vaccine will come to treat this epidemic seem not to be close.

6 Ways to Protect yourself from Coronavirus

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