Top 10 Arc Welding Safety Tips for Welders

Today, we will attempt to make you learn about the top 10 safety measures in electric arc welding – one of the popular concepts known in safety engineering. Follow all of them properly to benefit yourself and your work.

  1. Good quality welding cables should be always used and maintained properly. Also, you should ensure the proper termination of your welding cable.
  2. Never forget to turn off the power supply to your welding equipment even during non-working periods such as lunch, tea breaks, etc.
  3. An adequate supply of a bag contained should be ensured to every welder to be used for deposing end pieces of electrodes.
  4. Avoid the fall of welding sparks on your co-workers who work right below you and avoid damage to any other combustible materials.
  5. Ensure proper earthing of all electrically operated heat-treatment equipment to avoid passage of current.
  6. Never use pipelines that are either pressurized or contain flammable gases and liquids.
  7. Don’t allow welders to use electrode holders from the two different machines at the same time.
  8. Avoid coiling of welding cable around your body parts while it is being energized.
  9. Don’t dip your electrode holders for cooling purposes.
  10. Electrode holders should be properly insulated in order to prevent shocks, short circuits, and other potential issues.
Top 10 Arc Welding Safety Tips for Welders

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